EA jokes about Gran Turismo 5 - "Punctual release" of Hot Pursuit proclaimed

Electronic Arts is having some fun about the delay of Gran Turismo 5. They just send a press release to journalists, proclaiming a "punctual release of Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit". Obviously, this is a joke at the expense of Gran Turismo 5.

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Keith Olbermann3294d ago

they release at the same time huh EA?

ABizzel13293d ago

Sony might have purposely delayed GT5 for EA. When GT comes out it's going to destroy all, and EA needs need for Speed to do good since Medal Of Honor (Horror lol) received mixed reviews (I think MOH is a decent game).

And if GT came out before Need for Speed it would had suffered sales wise on the PS3. Pushing GT back should theoretically give Need for Speed time to gather more sales from would be buyers, but I don't think it's going to do as much as they would hope. Racing fans on the PS3 have their eyes set out for GT5, and nothing is going to take that $60 purchase away from them.

TooTall193293d ago

Sony is still planning on releasing GT5 before the holidays. Need for Speed sales are still going to suffer from it.

cmrbe3293d ago

I can't help but think about LBP2 and GT5 being delayed with EA create and N4S out soon.

frostyhat1233293d ago

Do you really think they would delay GT5 for EA? How does that make any sense?

WildArmed3293d ago

lmfao Keith.
That was be quite a punch to EA's balls.
Though I do believe they both cater towards different audiences, but alot of them overlap in interest in racing games.

vsr3293d ago

Because NFS will sell more on PS3 like last year NFS Shift. It's increasing 3rd party support.

Disagreeing fools please refer the stats

inveni03293d ago

Just a small correction... It's "NFS", not "N4S". Even EA has called it NFS for the last 10-15 years or so.

Biggest3293d ago

Why would anyone think that NFS/Create has any impact on GT5/LBP2?

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Pennywise3293d ago

Oh, they won't be laughing anymore if it does.

Zedux3293d ago (Edited 3293d ago )

with punctual riped off content and punctual bugs! thats punctual EA!

nycredude3293d ago

EA needs to stfu. What happened to their freaking basketball game? by the time it maybe releases next year the season will be half over, that is if it releases. Fail bro!

k2d3293d ago

EA is likely to have a worse game at launch, bug-wise. When you make a flagship, you do your best to make it unsinkable. To easy to rely on patches now'a'days..

RockmanII73293d ago

never underestimate Criterion

Mmmkay3293d ago

of course EA will rush the game out as they always do.. They should have delayed FIFA 11 as well, considering they even knew about the fact the game has severe lag in single player with the ps3 slim!!

PS360fanboy3293d ago

A Need for Speed game by the same guys who make Burnout would probably hurt GT5's sales. That was a clever move by Sony.

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dosgrtr3293d ago

now,a lot of gamers would love it if gt5 releases the same day as hot pursuit

Theonik3293d ago

I wouldn't. I need time if i'm gonna play both.

dosgrtr3293d ago

oh, i forgot to put '/sarcasm' in my first post,can't edit it now though

Akagi3293d ago

Does anyone even play Shift, EA?

-Alpha3293d ago

Come on, they were just kidding, it was funny.

limewax3293d ago

I so hope they do release on the same day, But really EA MoH isnt doint well. you should probably keep your mouth shut, if this were to come true you can kiss goodbye to all profits this holiday

JamesNewton3293d ago

There was a very similar press release yesterday about Superstars V8 Racing. Looks like launching racing games on time is all the rage these days!

InTheKnow3293d ago (Edited 3293d ago )

This is pretty funny stuff and a great turn of events for NFS and EA...tho to be fair that game was going to sell pretty well anyways, especially with Criterion directing traffic. Sony is the laughing stock of the Internet right now. Wait till they tell everyone it's releasing next March/2011 like Japan...people are gonna faint!!!

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The story is too old to be commented.