Deus Ex: 'We must respect the original'

CVG: The staff at Eidos Montreal have a tough task resurrecting the hugely acclaimed Deus Ex series - and you don't have to point towards its army of 'best PC game ever' awards to have them realise.

In our chat David Anfossi (producer), Jonathan Jacques-Belletete (art director) and Andre Vu (marketing game manager) below, the trio talk of the "mandate" they have to retain the series' core values - and from what we've seen they've done a fantastic job.

Human Revolution looks and sounds like the ten-year-old original - but the team has updated the shooter's gameplay to live up to today's expectations.

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gillri3293d ago (Edited 3293d ago )

loved the original, thought the 2nd was good but thats it, cant wait for this

although sometimes I think the main character they have tried to make him look to cool,its like they said

'glasses....check, goatie....check, chiselled features.....check, smoker.....check, re-tractable blades on the elbows.....check'

JC Denton never gave off that vibe, still with The Last Guardian, Mass Effect 3 and Uncharted 3 it my most antipated game of the next year or so,

the other big games coming out tend all to more straight froward shooters, although Resistance 3 look promising if they make it less flashy (a la Halo) and more horror

lastdual3293d ago

Great interview. And a 20 hour long campaign? I can't wait for this game.