How to be a smarter soldier in Battlefield Bad Company 2

PC Gamer: We know Battlefield, we PC gamers. The team-based war series was born on our gaming beasts. We’re au fait with all the basic tips and tricks, the tactics tried and tested across almost a decade on the field of battle. Yes, we know you can stick C4 on a jeep and drive it into baddies while you cackle – we did that back in Battlefield 1942. What new stuff have you got for us, Bad Company 2?

Quite a bit, as it turns out. The latest game in the series really delivers in the field of sneaky, nefarious and downright evil tactics. The tightly focused squad setup – in which only four people can be in direct communication – means that finely honed tactics with a few buddies are more than possible. Since the game’s launch, a good few of these have been practised, polished and perfected by the planet’s best fake soldiers.

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Brixxer6003288d ago

Excellent game and excellent tips.