PS3 vs Wii

OK, this video isn't the most serious in the world, but...well, you'll see

Warning: This video contains a hot girl, and a fat chick

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Shadow Flare5390d ago

I think the ps3 girl held down more WEIGHT with her arguements

highps35390d ago

Is it me or are the Ps3 jokes just getting stupid?

For one the blond chick is gross. Didnt need to see her in those shorts.

When did the Ps3 become a fat girl? Or are we just stereotyping people, Blond skinny girls are stupid and fun, and fat girls are boring and smart?

Really not funny. Nor amusing. But all as annoying as the original Apple vs PC commercials!

ChickeyCantor5390d ago

Do not take these things serious....

ChickeyCantor5390d ago

heheeh .....i didnt laughed but reading a comment like: the fat girl is cuter, just to defend Ps3 is just sad XD AHAHAHAH
(that comment was on the site with the video)

TheMART5390d ago

Is that fat chick the girly version of CAPSLOCK, Achira, Gametime or NJ? moahohahahaa

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The story is too old to be commented.