Sneak peek at new perks in Fallout: New Vegas

PC Gamer: In Fallout 3 you gained special abilities called perks every time you levelled up. Some perks would do simple things like boost your attributes and open up new conversation options. Others, such as Mysterious Stranger, would randomly call in a revolver wielding rogue to help you out in firefights. Obsidian’s follow up, Fallout: New Vegas will have a whole new selection of abilities. Obsidian have sent us a brief but early look at three of the perks you’ll be earning as you fight your way through Sin City.

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GodsHand3294d ago

I hope that super slam perk is not taking the spot of the Paralyzing perk, which is one of my fav's. Also you could occasionally knock NPC unconscious just by using your bear fist in Falloiut 3, so I hope that super slam is just a better version of that, that makes it easier to knock them out for a while.

Mr Microsoft3294d ago

I'm really looking forward to this game! I loved Fallout 3.