Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep (PSP) — solid A

Back when the original Kingdom Hearts came out, RPG fans knew they had found something special. Devout fans followed the game through its sequels and also into 358/2. The story and gameplay of those three progressed beyond the achievements of their predecessor, and fans of the series should be severely disappointed if they haven’t given Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep on the PSP a go yet. While bringing the game onto the PlayStation Portable may not have been the most ideal iteration of the next Kingdom Hearts game, the little handheld presents a rather astonishing stage for such a brilliant little game.

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roblef3289d ago

I'm really happy this game is doing well. The DS version was just awful.

firefoxprime3289d ago (Edited 3289d ago )

The DS version was "not" awful. Having a fully 3D action rpg game running smooth on a "DS"??? Mind you this was soon after the "graphical feat" of GTA:CT Wars. For a DS, the game was good. The "missions" feel was different, but okay. Fleshed out Org.XIII, and since I didn't play chain of memories, I welcomed that. Also, I missed my dogde roll from KH1. Sucked it wasn't in KH2, so to incorporate original KH1 gameplay controls was good.

bgrundman3289d ago

I want to buy this, but it is UMD only... curse you square!!!