The 12 Most Expensive Videogames in Tokyo

Some Japanese videogame collectors won't settle for perfect copies of titles they played in their youth. For a handful of devotees, it's all about getting their hands on the rarest retrogames in the world, some of which were manufactured in batches of just a few hundred.

Some of these singular games graced store shelves for only a moment; others were given out as contest prizes. But Tokyo game stores will hand them over to you — if you've got a wallet bursting with cash.

In the United States, game prices can rise and fall based on "hype and demand," but in Tokyo's Akihabara electronics district, a retrogame's relative scarcity drives pricing, collector Jason Wilson told in instant message.

Feast your eyes on 12 of the most expensive game cartridges in all of Akihabara, photographed in the three retrogame superstores. If you bought the full dozen, it would cost you 1,248,150 yen — about $15,250.

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dc13292d ago

Will there be a market for the return on the investment?... not sure.
However, even from a collectors perspective.. these prices are hard to comprehend.