A Civilian’s Guide to Translating “Military Speak” in Medal of Honor

How the hell do you civilians do it? The chatter and cutscene dialogue all sounds fine and translates to an old warrior soul such as myself, but you never went to boot camp. Hell, you’re a third shift manager at a McDonalds, how in the hell are you going to keep up with what in the hell AFO Neptune is saying? And what the hell is an “AFO” (Advanced Force Operations, see also: Special Forces)?

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Urmomlol3291d ago

Clever article. Thanks!

maxcavsm3291d ago

Glad you like it. I was serious though, I have no idea how folks who have never done any serious military time keep up with the chatter. I guess you just figure it out through context?

duplissi3291d ago

i found myself wondering that too. its one of the reasons why ive enjoyed moh as much as i have, its brutally authentic.