Five Ways To Improve Fallout: New Vegas

Fallout 3 is a great game but there are a few things Bethesda should fix in their upcoming sequel Fallout: New Vegas


Obsidian Entertainment developed Fallout: New Vegas, Bethesda is Only the publisher

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Philoctetes3291d ago

None of this stuff really bothered me about Fallout 3. Yeah, more enemies and weapons would be nice, but there were plenty in F3 to keep it entertaining.

The thing I really want to see fixed is for the save files to not get so big and unstable. I've never seen a game freeze up as often as F3 did after I had been playing my character for a while.

King-Leonidas3291d ago

yeah, my level 28 char was so unplayable after i bought all the DLC. My save file was over 12MB big.

BubbleSystemSuck3291d ago

Fallout New Vegas is out in 5 days

TheSleepyGamer3291d ago

The title is rather misleading. The list is aimed at what should be changed from Fallout 3 into New Vegas.

pat_11_53291d ago

I hate the animation of characters, they seem like card board cut outs. Bethesda needs to upgrade their character animation engine, it's been terrible since Morrowind.

TheSleepyGamer3291d ago

Its never bothered me all that much, mainly due to the fact that almost every game made by them is great.

pat_11_53291d ago

I totally agree, I've loved every Bethesda game I've played. Their animation engine is just so ridiculously dated, characters still act like they did in Morrowind: Elder Scrolls three and that game is how old?

I just think it's time for some sort of an update. I might have seen something in an interview stating that they we're updating the character and NPC animation but I'm not sure.

slyrunner3291d ago

Of crossfire and SLI!!! becuz when i buy this game, im going to mod the crap out of it! I will need more gpu POWER!!!

ProjectVulcan3291d ago (Edited 3291d ago )

Buy the Pc version then. Its improved over Fallout 3, at least on PC

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