EA 'absolutely not giving up on the first person space'

While few appear to be backing EA's chances of reclaiming the first person shooter crown this year, Visceral boss Nick Earl says the company will continue to target dominance in the genre.

"We are absolutely and positively not giving up on the first-person space," said Earl, who was recently been put in charge of EA's third person action efforts.

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Lazy_Gamer3699d ago

Typical. EA ( as many other companies ) are too greedy to give up on genre that has blind 12yh old followers who throw awaw their parent's cash for a medicore shooter.

Pandamobile3699d ago

Too greedy to completely give up on one of most popular genres in gaming? Where's the logic behind your statement?

Lazy_Gamer3699d ago (Edited 3699d ago )

hmm, I think your right. Any company looks for profit and the FPS genre is one of the mopular ones on the market. Damn! One should think before typing on the keyboard.

lastdual3699d ago (Edited 3699d ago )

With BFBC2 selling over 5 million units and MoH's sales looking strong, it makes zero sense to "give up".

Who cares if CoD sells more? As a company, you don't have to "win" (something fanboys don't seem to understand), the point is to make a profit, and as long as your sales are strong enough to do that, you keep going.