Strategy Informer: Sonic the Hedgehog 4: Episode 1 (PSN and XBLA) Review

Strategy Informer: "There comes a time in every hedgehog's life when he must hang up his running sneakers, put away that waggling finger and take a good, hard look at his past self. Sonic should have taken this advice many, many years along, but instead chundered along spewing out enough crap to make his glory days just a distinct, fading memory.

Sonic 4 is a direct sequel to Sonic 3 and Knuckles, a 15-year old game that many would suggest was the last, good Sonic title. This latest release attempts to play on your nostalgic side, throwing familiar levels, Badniks and boss battles your way, but this is all a front to disguise yet another hopeless Sonic experience. Sonic handles like your mum's old Punto, most of the game is simply rehashed from old games - and not in a 'it feels like 1994 again' way either - and it never feels like Sonic is trying to get anywhere in a hurry. This is not the 'real' Sonic sequel we were hoping for."

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gtamike3290d ago

when you go up a hill with speed and fall you can't attack monster things WTF

ShinnokDrako3290d ago

Damn, i was waiting for this title.... today i tried it and... where's the speed of Sonic? What happened to his legs?? When you start walking, it takes 1 hour before running... not even fast....
Dunno, the old good feeling of speed while playing Sonic has gone....