Gamasutra Interview: LucasArts Vet Blackman Unveils Fearless Studios

Key LucasArts figures who've since left the studio are revealing their new project, Fearless Studios. The new Marin, CA studio has been co-founded by award winning Force Unleashed writer and producer Haden Blackman and Cedrick Collomb, LucasArts' former engineering director.

Speaking to Gamasutra about his new Bay Area-based venture, Blackman says the studio's naming is a reflection of its intention to focus on both the creative risks he feels are necessary to push new ideas in the gaming space, as well as the kind of "tough" honesty, both internally and with publishing and technology partners, it takes to execute them successfully.

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sonygam3r3296d ago

Please be working on Star Wars Battlefront 3 :)

rezzah3296d ago

Really hope they do too, that is the best Staw Wars game series ever.

tunaks13296d ago

did u guys read the article?
He left so he could work on things other then Star Wars. Although I agree Battlefront 3 would be awesome Im sure its the last thing he wants to do.

HungPHATx3296d ago

Please !!!! That would be awesome.....

CrzyFooL3296d ago

I've met Haden, coolest fucking dude. I hope they make awesome games.

InTheKnow3296d ago

Everybody wants a piece of the pie. Bungie, Sledgehammer, Insomniac...etc...they all want to control there own destinies...we will see how it goes.

mirroredderorrim3295d ago (Edited 3295d ago )

Guy on the left looks like he could be related to Gabe. 2nd Cousin? long lost brother?

I may ask the man himself.