GT5 Missed Production Window by Only 3 Days, Sony Determines New Dates

A GameReactor associate in Tokyo, Gregor Wildermann, has reportedly made contact with Polyphony Digital and Kazunori Yamauchi for further clarification on Gran Turismo 5’s production status:

[Kazunori Yamauchi's] reply was that the game was only three days late from their side, and that Sony has to decide what that means for the release.

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PirateThom3289d ago

Three days.

We missed it... by three days.

This is more annoying than "major bug fixes".

snaz273288d ago

So we know now that the game was 3 days late... So one would reasonably assume that the release will be 3 days late, surely?... If it isnt then one must assume that there is more to it... Basically reading between the lines, this is Yamauchi saying we're 3 days late, if the release is delayed by more than that, then that's sony's doing!... And if it is then it's obvious sony are holding it back further for financial reasons or competition... Either way i just want the damn game! Sony make it happen for god sake!... Btw if it is only going to be 3 days delayed then why didn't sony wait till they knew the definate release date before opening their mouths? Could of avoided most of the backlash! Oh well, it will come i suppose, just got to be patient. :-(

jizzyjones3288d ago

3 days late to the production line could means weeks late quite easily. They might just avoid over crowded November in favour of December which has no major releases.

UltimateIdiot9113288d ago

In the US, games are normally released every Tuesday, so 3 days late could translate into a week late.

LoVeRSaMa3288d ago (Edited 3288d ago )

If Sony set the date for the 5th and Polyphony Digital was not able to meet the date it could mean that stock was not at the needed ammout for release meaning shortages.

Sony want the release perfect it seems, even if it means we wait untill the holiday season. (conveniently)

I don't mind, I know GT5 is likely to be one of the best racing games I have played so far. [Personal Opinion]

PirateThom3288d ago

I'm guessing that missing that production date would have rolled back the pressing date would have rolled back shipping dates would have rolled back sales dates and made it the same week as Black Ops... all the same, where did they lose these three day!?

nikoado3288d ago

I wonder if they tweaked the build slightly but had already started pressing discs.

ProjectVulcan3288d ago (Edited 3288d ago )

If you miss by three days your only option is to take the next nearest free slot for production in factories that run full capacity 24/7 especially this time of year. Missing a slot only means sony lose money from having it booked, so they are losing out too...

Hopefully sony will lean on manufacturers or arrange more of their own runs in their own factories to make sure GT5 gets production time as soon as it is finished.

If sony pull their finger out, they could have the game on shelves by the end of November. Sony australian factory. 3 machines capable of 16000 discs each, a day. Thats still only 336 thousand discs a week full tilt no stoppages, Sony probably need 2-3 million in the supply line at launch for GT5 i would imagine. Even with say 5 factories knocking that many out, it will take a few weeks of constant GT5 runs to make enough.

Thats just ignoring distribution time.

PirateThom3288d ago

I'm fairly certain Sony have their own pressing factories in Europe, US and Japan. I have no doubt they'll be on overtime printing nothing buy GT5 discs once they get the go.

3288d ago
Shadow Flare3288d ago (Edited 3288d ago )


The last guy I saw who said he was cancelling his GT5 preorder because of this delay was named 360wiibeatsPS3, and his comment history was dissing the ps3 with every comment

But I suppose that's not trolling eh?

If you don't like n4g then leave. There are plenty of 360 hives out there for you

R2D23288d ago (Edited 3288d ago )

Maybe some extra secuirty for the GOTY.

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Narutone663288d ago

even though it's just 3 days, there are some domino effects that will happens because of those 3 days delay. Which in turn, might end up delaying the release for a few weeks. Anyway, I can wait some more after more than 5 years of waiting.

UltimateIdiot9113288d ago

I'll still get the game regardless of the delay. I'm just disappointed. November 2 is already pushing since that is right after I'm done with midterms. I want 2 weeks to enjoy the game with my steering wheel before going back for Thanksgiving. After that is finals and I won't be able to play it with the steering wheel for a month.

While, not everyone will have the same situation as me, I'm sure a lot of fans have already set a schedule just for the game already. So, it's just very upsetting to see a plan not coming together.

Jamegohanssj53288d ago

Like I said, just release it during the week of Black Friday.


InTheKnow3288d ago

It missed the production window by 3 days after 7 years of production...O_o...and that's why it's releasing later in the " holiday window "? Why is it releasing in 4 MONTHS in Japan???

Look, just come out and say the truth. The game has cost upwards of 150+++ million dollars to make and GT couldn't compete for gamer dollars with the Forza Ultimate collection edition...PLUS....NFS Hot pursuit...PLUS...COD: black ops...People will understand...MAYBE. ;)

Ju3288d ago

You will eat your words when GT5 releases in numbers which 10 folds those of the others combined.

pain777pas3288d ago

If you have a psp, unlock cars in GTPSP for the time being. The game got poor reviews but it is solid.

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BeaArthur3288d ago

I bet it ends up in December or very late November. I don't see Sony deciding to release it on the same day as Black Ops or even within 2 weeks of that game coming out.

visualb3288d ago

if not then december to take advantage of holidays

still, that SUCKS! 3 days late and BAM! the world goes up in flames

dayum! well, will be worth it. So as long as its out by 24th dec I'm happy! =D

Wii360BeatsPS33288d ago

Sorry Sony, sold the PS3 when GT5 got delayed. I don't belive your lies anymore.

crazyclown3288d ago

lol u never had a ps3 u troll...check ur name

dead_eye3288d ago

I don't think he is a troll. GT5 is the first game in the history of gaming to get delayed and that's just not right. And where do Sony get off letting a developer spend as long on a game as they want. lol

mac_sparrow3288d ago

you're right Deadeye, they sicken me with their smash and grab,release it buggy fix it five years later quick buck approach to the industry.

radphil3288d ago


He is. Look at the other comments that account made around the site.

pain777pas3288d ago

At least the game will be good when it is released.

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UnwanteDreamz3288d ago (Edited 3288d ago )

I thought this site was filled with "rabid PS3 fanboys"?

Least that's whay the crybabies say. Sad that the best news you so called gamers get all week is a game delay on a system you dont own. Says alot.

gamingdroid3288d ago

Hey after the long wait already that fans endured, what's another few days or weeks? I hope it gets released by the Holidays.

Looks to be a great game though!

nikoado3288d ago (Edited 3288d ago )

I had a feeling this was the actual reason as I said yesterday in a comment, before this story broke.

The question now is if they will delay further to avoid clashes with other release dates. There will inevitably be some crossover between games(speaking from my perspective at least). However GT5 is one of the must-have titles, so the effect of that is mitigated somewhat.

I'm eagerly anticipating this game. I must of spent almost a year playing GT4(on and off). Loved every minute of it, completed nearly all races etc. I really love the challenge this game series offers.

jizzyjones3288d ago

I think the GT5 DEMO would just about make up for this.

Blinding_Solo3288d ago

Give us a GT5 demo with the 200 hundred premium cars and 15 tracks and I'll be happy to wait another year or two.

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