Itchy Thumbs: Sonic the Hedgehog 4: Episode 1 Review

Itchy Thumbs says: "When the gap between a sequel and its predecessor dates 16 years, you’d normally be left wondering what on earth the developer was up to during their downtime. Of course, when it comes to Sega’s spiky blue mascot, there’s a whole lot of other factors to take into account.

After several years of generally poorly received 3D titles, and a series of hand-held 2D games that received a more favourable reaction, Sonic the Hedgehog finally returns to his old-school roots on the big screen, presented in glorious HD. Let’s face it, if Mario can still enjoy massive success by going back to basics (and at the same time injecting some new wave features), then there’s no reason why Sonic can’t do the same."

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