ATI’s Answer To The Geforce GTX 460: The XFX Radeon HD 6870

Have a look at some muscle-pumpin’ pictures of ATI’s shiny new videocard that is supposed to make the ‘Will it run Crysis?’ joke obsolete: The XFX Radeon HD 6870.

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NYC_Gamer3296d ago

this is supposed to replace the 5770?

feedurhabit3296d ago

think so, thanks to AMD's convoluted new naming scheme

3296d ago
Vo_Cal3296d ago

That's all fine and dandy, but will it REALLY run Crysis?

ProjectVulcan3296d ago (Edited 3296d ago )

I expect 6870 to be slower than 5870, but only by 5-10 percent or so. Faster than 5850. Its not the fastest single GPU offering AMD have coming though, and pricing is the most important factor here.

If 6870 hits @ about 250 dollars/200 pounds, then it'll be a good card. That would make it faster than a 5850 for roughly the same money, and nearly as fast as the 5870 for considerably less- £80/$100.

The real answer to the GTX460 will probably be the 6850, which should be bang on or even slightly faster performance wise than the GTX460 1GB, and if that goes for about £160/$200 then it'll be a good deal.

The real ass kickers though will will the Cayman parts, or the single GPU 6970/6950. Fully expect the 6950 to be capable of matching a nvidia GTX480 or even beating it by a nose, and the 6970 to trounce it.

evrfighter3296d ago

im hoping the 5870 drops to under $250 when the 6900 series launches.

I'd like to go crossfire

nycredude3296d ago (Edited 3296d ago )

Vo cal

My laptop with a mobility 5870 runs Crysis in 1080p on everything maxed out. Crysis is old news bro. Time to upgrade your computer.

Sorry Vo val just realized this is slower than the 5870! WTF is up with the naming scheme?!

STONEY43296d ago

"My laptop with a mobility 5870 runs Crysis in 1080p on everything maxed out. Crysis is old news bro. Time to upgrade your computer."

I think Metro 2033 on DX11 maxed is becoming the new thing. It looks better than Crysis in indoor areas, mainly because of the post processing and lighting. Outdoors, not so much, but the tower area makes up for anything bad about the outdoor sections.

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Letros3296d ago (Edited 3296d ago )

No, they messed with the naming scheme yet again, the 6870 is somewhere between the 5870 and 5850(with new features and probably better tessellation performance), the 6900 series due out in late Nov. will be their high end products, I will probably sell my 5850 for a 6970 in a few weeks pending benchmarks.

Here are some leaked benchmarks, grab some salt.

ATI Radeon HD 5870: P17924/19433
AMD Radeon HD 6870: P16270/19480
ATI Radeon HD 5850: P15593/18762
AMD Radeon HD 6850: P14872/18750
ATI Radeon HD 5830: P14014/17298
ATI Radeon HD 5770: P11017/16358
ATI Radeon HD 5750: P9124/14966


Snakefist303296d ago (Edited 3296d ago )

Will support my motherboard Intel Classic DG43NB??? or I hav to buy a new one!!

EDIT:My Processor is Core2 Duo.Actually I really need an upgrade on my pc.

sak5003296d ago

So no need i have a dusty 5870 1GB card rotting in my pc. The only time it gets used is when i feel like benchmarking my pc as i squeeze every little ounce of performance from my o/c'd CPU.

Letros3296d ago

GPU's occupy PCI-express slots, this has been a standard for about 5 years now, check to see if your mobo has one.

What is your CPU? It may not be worth an upgrade, if your cpu isn't fast enough, no GPU will help gaming. Today however, a $70-$100 CPU does wonders.

JsonHenry3296d ago

If they REALLY want to compete with the 460 then they need to get a lot better crossfire scaling from the AMD cards. SLI kills them in multi-GPU configurations.

And that is coming from an AMD/ATi fan. :/

CombineElite3292d ago

Yeh I understand the confusion but AMD Radeon GPU's (no longer ATi) will have a new branding scheme so here it is (so far)

HD 5970 = 6990
HD 5870 = 6970
HD 5850 = 6950
HD 5830 = 6930

HD 5770 = 6870
HD 5750 = 6850
HD 5570 = 6830

So with the HD6870 (todays HD5770) almost as good as a HD5870 you can see that the Flagship single GPU HD 6970 is gonna be a beast of a card upon release.

Nvidia is looking to counter with a GTX 580 w/ 512 cuda cores so stay tuned.

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Projekt7tuning3296d ago

Not bad, I'm in the market and it's hard to decide between the two brands. I am a fan of both and have had both for years. I currently have 2 8800GTX's in SLI, which has actually lasted quite a long time for a videocard. The 2 of them still play just about everything maxed. But it's time. My Q6700 has got to go as well. I did get my Q6700 to overclock to 3.5ghz from 2.6ghz for the last 2 years. So it's lasted it's due time. But man it's hard to part with the money these days. The longer I have waited the more they come out with, and the more I want. But the money's not quite around as much as it used to be. The same thing everyone is dealing with.

Letros3296d ago (Edited 3296d ago )

I'm also a fan of both, its great when us gamers are hard-up on deciding, that means competition is very good, and both produce quality. GPU shopping 5 years ago was a major headache and it really hurt the wallet.

kingpocky3296d ago

my 4870HD feels so out of date now... :(

SuperStrokey11233296d ago

I have a 8800gt... how do you think i feel...

jakethesnake3295d ago

Pretty good compared to my 8600 GTS! Eyeing both the prices/benchmarks of the 5850 vs 6870. Finally got the WAF under control and now I'm ready to finally have a decent video card! No more low settings!

fossilfern3296d ago (Edited 3296d ago )

my 4870 has been running fine fore me but that 6870 sounds good since i was planning on getting a 5850 :D

a08andan3296d ago

How good is the drivers for ATI/AMD cards nowdays? I have my dear 9800gtx+ still and it is really still going strong. I've been thinking about going with a GTX 460.

joydestroy3296d ago

i love my 460's. nice to see ATI staying competitive

steve30x3296d ago

I love my 470's. The only thing annoys me about my 470's is theyre so damn loud!

STONEY43296d ago

The GTX 460 is simply awesome. And if you ever plan to go SLI down the road... you're in for a treat, those things one of the best scaling cards ever.

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