PSP Price Cut Imminent

In his latest Game Over column, Chris Morris over at CNNMoney has said that, according to analysts that he has spoken with, the PSP should receive a price cut of $50, down to an MSRP of $149, before this holiday season.

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ghostface5391d ago

I was'nt going to pay $200 dollar for it.

zypher5391d ago

okay, i MAY think about re-purchasing a PSP for $150. but first, Sony needs to put some games on that thing.

specialguest5391d ago (Edited 5391d ago )

the PSP game list is starting to grow now: some of the upcoming games that are not listed yet are: the real metal gear(not acid), Final Fantasy 7 Crisis Core, and GTA Vice City Ver. 2(new storyline), just to name a few.

it's starting to resemble a min-PS2 in terms of games. i don't plan to upgrade the firmware though. if this new price cut comes true, then i might just buy another soley for the games.

Shadow Flare5391d ago

seriously man, i cant wait till the psone emulator is launched in october

there are so many classic games i loved on psone that i could play on my psp anywhere!

THWIP5391d ago

They just had a price drop, down to $ this story old or something??

DJ5391d ago

So I didn't expect such a low price in the first place, but consumers tend to not notice these things and see the price, not the value. If Sony can get the PSP down to $149, the DS won't look like such a good deal at $129. BTW, the PSP has a LOT of available titles, and a significant number of great ones to boot. Wipeout Pure, Tokobot, Daxter, GTA, Mercury, Burnout Legends, Lumines, Riiidge Racer, etc,etc. (can't wait to get my hands on Killzone:Liberation and LocoRoco) There's even an FF game coming out for it! I think people get the impression that there aren't very many games for it since places like Gamestop only allocate a small amount of space to handheld titles, and spend the rest on console titles.

The only problem with this article is that it came from the mouths of analysts, not Sony. The Holiday season would be a great time to drop the price of their handheld, but with the incredible costs of launching/producing the PS3 I wouldn't count on it too much.

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