Free 'Midnight Movies' on PSN every Saturday night

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Starting this Saturday, the PlayStation Store will update with one free movie rental as part of its "Midnight Movies" promotion. But, there's a catch! You'll need to sign on to the PSN between 8PM and 6AM EST. This weekend's movie will be Bram Stroker's Dracula. If you're up late playing some games on a Saturday night, might as well get a free movie download, right?

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YourFlyness3705d ago

Sony need to promote this more, like one of those advertisments before youtube videos. The need to hire(or get a better) Viral Marketing PR rep, and spam advertisment all over the web, like those stupid weight loss ads.

Of Course, Core video game fans will not be effected or maybe even hate it, but the casual fans need to be lead like the sheeple they are.

Godmars2903705d ago

Why not just put up a notice on the browser homepage, What's new, the PSN video store or send a message over the friends network.

Considering they're offering it for free, that sounds like the best, cheap, way to go.

YourFlyness3705d ago (Edited 3705d ago )

Yea they will work for current owners.

But I was looking at it a marketing point of view to sell systems. I mean lets face it. We core gamers who visit N4G, will say thease are weak features and we need some meat and potatoes features.

Sony should keep providing that, however they should viral market these lesser in depth, just for fun features at the casual, because lets face it they will buy what every is shoved down there throats (Wii Fit, Kinect), no matter how crappy it really is.

I bubbled you and agreed

also Sony will never contact you over the PSN network.

buying19993705d ago

Go, go ps3, go sony yeah, yeah, yeah, ... Look mods I'm cheering for Sony and ps3 and this god forsaken ps3fanboy ran get off my back and stop tagging comments like, "I canceled my GT5 preorder becuase I'm tired of being jerked around over and over" as TROLLING.
I'm beginning to wonder who the bigger fanboys are the users or the MODs.
GO ps3 fanboy heaven, where only pro ps3 opinions can be posted.

Hideo_Kojima3705d ago


8PM and 6AM EST?

So 1am-11am Sunday morning for the people in UK?
and 3am-13pm Sunday morning for people in Eastern Europe?

Thanks Sony but you could have picked more decent times for us guys in Europe.

Ocelot5253705d ago

the video store isn't even available in europe to begin with

frostypants3705d ago

I'm sure this doesn't apply to Europe.

C'mon, man...

MisterNiwa3705d ago

Ocelot, then how comes I rented Public Enemy two weeks ago!?


The european PSN has a video store, for gods sake, get your information straight.

DaTruth3704d ago (Edited 3704d ago )

Ah, the memories! I remember seeing this with a bunch of girls when I was 14 and we got in a popcorn war and everyone in the theater started cussing us!

No wonder I don't remember anything about this movie...

WhittO3704d ago

What do you mean "the video store isn't even available in europe to begin with" ?

There is a video store and it has almost the same content as the US Store, unlike the Game Store...

nnotdead3704d ago

yeah you guys get Vagrant Story. :(

EskiJoe3704d ago

Not every region in Europe has a video store!

For example here in Denmark, they don't have one =(

jony_dols3704d ago

Yeah the Danes are the Canadians of Europe though.

Ocelot5253704d ago (Edited 3704d ago )

correction: not all euro countries have a vid store

WhittO3704d ago

"Correction" just because not EVERY Country in Europe has a video store DOESN'T mean that there is no video store.

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deafwing3705d ago

but free is free, so we rejoice

jerethdagryphon3705d ago

uh yea the vid store is i have an unholy addiction to sonys b movie monster films and i buy em often so yea its avalable under other media i n the store

TEFL0N_D0N_813704d ago

Great idea Sony. This could turn out to be pretty awesome. Of course, not sure how good the movies will be since it's free. I can get Bram Stroker's Dracula on Netflix HD already. How about a good anime series like Naruto? That'd be pretty sweet. Watch 3 episodes of Naruto for free every Saturday midnight.

Longrod_Von_Hugendon3704d ago

Sweet I love this movie. Sony keep coughing up the freebies and we're good.

Weaksauce11383704d ago

It's kind of cool, but I imagine it's going to be crap I wouldnt even torrent. Still, it's a good idea and can be fun if they implement a party viewing like the other box.

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Pedantic913705d ago (Edited 3705d ago )

That's a really sweet offer, but there has got to be another catch to it......

TheLastGuardian3705d ago (Edited 3705d ago )

You have to sign into the PSN between 8PM-6AM EST. Did you not even read the description?

This is cool and all but I just hope the movies don't always suck.

jaosobno3705d ago

Nice! Well played sony!

divideby03705d ago

Sweet Deal... Nice Job Sony !!!!