2-Soft Review: Medal of Honor

The thing that sets apart Medal of Honor from the other first-person shooters is that the Medal of Honor gameplay represents a real conflict happening in a real country between two real opposing forces.When it comes to shooters, as a game developer you need to come with something special to really make a great success among the first-person shooter fans, because this market is pretty crowded as more and more shooters are being released.

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Adu883290d ago

a great review in my opinion..

raztad3290d ago

Some of my friends got MoH and are very happy with it. I'm tempted to buy it but I think I'll wait until CoD arrives. If MoH multiplayer survives the CoD onslaught, I'm jumping in.

Now I'm not that happy the game is pretty light on content, both in SP (short 4-6 hours campaign is utter lame considering a whole development team was working on this) and only a handful of maps. Because of that it doesnt deserve a full $60 purchase IMO. I easily can see some mappacks in the near future.

I dont care whether CoD is better or not. I have CoD4 ($18 purchase) and I'm not supporting activision buying CoD4.2 aka Black Ops.

Adu883290d ago

and probably the best shooter for this year..i don't think call of duty black ops will be better..

Dave13513290d ago

lol you have low standards. call of duty campaign will blow this away like it always does. Now multiplayer.. im not sure which will be better

talltony3290d ago (Edited 3290d ago )

Mw2 sp was so forgetable. MOH sp is better than mw2's. I havent played a good cod sp for a while.

Dave13513290d ago

mw2's wasnt the best i agree but it is definitely better than medal of honors.

talltony3290d ago (Edited 3290d ago )

MOH sp IMO is much better than mw2's. It's more realistic and it keeps my attention by constantly changing. realistic SNiping, cars, atv, chopper, run and gun. Mw2 never had such a combination. MOH just seems more balanced.

Dave13513290d ago

lol have you actually ever played it cause it had all of those things. better graphics, better animation, weapons look more real

talltony3290d ago

It had some of those things but it just didn't feel as balanced and it seemed less realistic to me.

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Sweeet3290d ago (Edited 3290d ago )

You should check out what Treyarch have actually done with Black Ops. They've taken out pretty much all the things in MW2 that made boosting possible and game balance a mess by refining the game to make skill the defining factor as to whether you do well or not by removing certain perks and weapons - no longer can people rely on noob tubes, overpowered shotguns and stopping power to do well...

Treyarch are pumping so much love into Black Ops it hurts. They've stated they want this to be their defining game especially after WaW flopped next to MW2. Just wait and see, I think it'll be great.

comancsm3290d ago

Yes, nice shooter, but i don't think it's really the best for this year

DelbertGrady3290d ago

BF BC 2 is the best shooter of the year imo. If it wasn't for DICE's involvement I probably wouldn't have bought MOH.

Ares84PS33290d ago

I got MoH mainly because I knew that DICE is doing the mp. But it came to be such a let down :(

Adu883290d ago

well i like it most because you can feel the virtual experience of the real soldiers who fight in Afganistan..With call of duty u just shoot and kill..

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The story is too old to be commented.