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Kingdom Come3288d ago

Are catering for a variety of modes, Invasion, Free for All, Team Objective etc.
I'm glad that Invasion is getting a new map, with it being the mode I most often play (Apart from Arena/ Arena Doubles), I'd played "Spire" and "Boneyard" to death.

lastdual3288d ago

Agreed. Glad to see Invasion getting some love, and it's a snow map! Now all we need is some desert action in the next pack :)

All of these look like fun, and its good that they're all original, rather than remakes.

Convas3288d ago

YES!! More Maps and Achievements! But come on guys, don't you like pictures with you Map Pack news? Get your stuff from the source!

But damn. That's 800 MSP for the Noble Map Pack, 560 for The Writer, and 1200 for Limbo. X(

Besides the 5-7 Retail titles I want this year. Gahhhhh.

actual_gamer3288d ago

In UK/Ireland at least. Buy 2400(could be 2 arcade games or dlc) points worth of stuff and get 800 back. Gonna get Comic Jumper and Hyrdrophobia, as there was no way i was going to pay full price for Hyrdro until a deal of the week came out, this should do it. Then gonna use the rebate to get The Writer DLC :)

crzyjackbauer3288d ago

i was just wating for a reason to get a point card, i wanted the new alan wake DLC
now thanks to reach i will get me map pack
and alan wake dlc

limewax3288d ago

I just bought the game last month, why the hell do I want more maps already? I havent even played all of the current ones

Halochampian3288d ago

you havent played it enough then :)

I am so ready for new maps and its glad to know that the one map has a huge a forge pallet

antz11043288d ago

Lol so true, I love boardwalk and zealot but new maps would make the map voting SOOOO much better.

peowpeow3288d ago

Hope snipers gets a playlist before the map pack :) and yes I am so ready for some new maps!

Bnet3433287d ago

I played the hell out of Reach and I'm ready for new maps. I can't wait for this.

SixZeroFour3287d ago

its only been out for a little over a month...yes, there are barely enough maps, but forge world community creations havent been added yet, let alone the game types...and bungie are having a forge creation contest right now as well...the winners map gets included in matchmaking

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dtrain213288d ago

can't get enough of Halo

chasegarcia3288d ago (Edited 3288d ago )

because they wanted xtra money. I call it 1for2.

1. Make game
2. Remove awesome content.
3. sell the remaining of the game at full price
4. add content to xbox live store for a price
5. Months later add content for Collector or Game of the Year editions.

Some companies are doing this because a lot people are willing to pay for it.

anyone that disagrees explain to me how some companies release dlc weeks(sometimes days) after game releases?

FragMnTagM3288d ago

Bungie doesn't gouge their customers like other companies do. You are being totally unfair to them. Two months after a game's release is not too soon or too late to release DLC.

crzyjackbauer3288d ago

its just 800ms points
are you broke?

i think you are talking about MW2
i've never seen a HALO GOTY edition
dumb fanboy GTFO

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The story is too old to be commented.