GC 2007: LittleBigPlanet 20 Minute Presentation Video & Shots

Well, onAXIS has it, the 20 minute presentation video from the Leipzig Games Convention 2007 and screenshots. The video is for download, get the download at the read link. The screenshots are also there.

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felidae4072d ago

i really dig the graphics of this game

mighty_douche4072d ago (Edited 4072d ago )

its a true high def game! see to me hd is all about those little things you dont notice straight away but when you find them its... wow...

gaffyh4072d ago

Maybe it should be embedded in to the main post if the mods are willing to do this?

MaximusPrime4072d ago

gaffy, your video doesnt work on Firefox. it is an unknown plugin.

ALI-G4071d ago

i discovered it coming in 2000008 . so i feel nothing at the moment for this game just like GTA4

this is waiting

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MACHone4071d ago

I can never see enough of this game! A must-buy for me!

gaffyh4071d ago

i've attached the video, so you can watch it here embedded

Foliage4071d ago

This is going to be a perfect game to pop in when you are having a bad day.