Assassins Creed Brotherhood Present Day Sequence Details

Spoiler Alert! The release of the trophy/achievements list for Assassins Creed: Brotherhood comes with a few new details of the game. - Just Push Start

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ironfist923290d ago

I hope they go back to Altair's time period again like they did last time.

toaster3289d ago

The first one was alright, fun for a while. The puppetmaster control scheme was very intuitive and very easy to figure out. The only problem was the repetitiveness. I didn't even bother with AC2 since it came with gamebreaking DRM.

I haven't really bothered to follow Brotherhood, hopefully something will change that since I really like the story.

RedDead3289d ago

Shame AC2 is Way better than the first. WAY better

easto1a3290d ago

Would be quality if they jump around time even more altairs time then ezio then present etc

Eamon3289d ago

I doubt that but I do want more Altair sequences.

ShadyDevil3290d ago

I can't wait for this game. Looks amazing.

MightyMark4273290d ago

If it's any better than ACII, I'm in. But since this game is more like of an expansion, it's meh.

RedDead3289d ago

Have you seen Gameplay vids? It has SO many new things over AC2

Bobbykotickrulesz3289d ago

The beta is srsly broken. But the few games I played were pretty fun.

RedDead3289d ago

I haven't played the Beta so I don't know. But the first gameplay vids looked great I though and the few things i've seen set it apart from the first two, I wouldn't be surprised if they called this AC3

Apollyn3289d ago

This is assassins creed 3 its far from an expansion.