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tynam3289d ago

nope, its the same, but it's still really generic

Longrod_Von_Hugendon3289d ago

Ah no you can clearly see more detail in the textures.

jony_dols3289d ago

Yup, its the same. How could you even justify that comment Mr Tentacle?

comp_ali3289d ago

typical fanboy who didn't even watched the video

Hands Up For Games3289d ago

Ill maybe need to get my eyesight checked out.

In what way is the PS3 version superior in that video? Not saying its not the best version but in that video they both look pretty identical, to me.

KratosGirI3289d ago

It's probably one of those FIRST! comments.

Hades13373289d ago

I honestly can't see a single difference.

mastiffchild3289d ago

They aim for parity and don't aim to gbigive either 360 or PS3 gamers the very bets game they could. Like every multi if there IS a difference it's not worth noting and rarely one you can see without really trying so who cares? Nobody can prove one console is better by using multiplats while the exclusives on both consoles look better than them and while parity is king and the install bases ensure it is(by being so close that making one version a lot better would lose you half your market)they always will be.

Comparison-shomsharison! I'm suick to death of it and just wish they had the inclination to push the hardware a little sometimes. Not gonna happen, sadly.

3289d ago
harrysmith3289d ago

The PS3 only game Killzone 2 looks superior

crzyjackbauer3289d ago

what those KZ2 have to do with MOH
this guy makes ps3 fanboys look bad

talltony3289d ago

Then their is nothing worth mentioning. That looked identicle. The sp runs on the unreal engine while the mp runs on the frostbite engine. I would like to see a comparison between the mp on each platform.

Crazyglues3289d ago (Edited 3289d ago )

This is how it should be, make it the same on both systems, now we can just comment on if it's a good game, and I can buy it on whatever console I want and enjoy the experience without feeling like I got ripped.

This is how you do it companies.. keep it the same on both consoles. I don't want to have to pay a penalty for playing on PS3, when I really shouldn't be.. If your game was cheaper on PS3 then ok, but if it's going to cost the same, then guess what, the game experience should be the same..

So hat's off to EA/Dice and whoever else is responsible for getting the game done right.. This is how you do it.. Well done.


PrimordialSoupBase3289d ago

Seriously, why do you people give a shit? It's not like these differences ever truly impact playing and enjoying the game. (Or in this case, not enjoying the game.)

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DelbertGrady3289d ago (Edited 3289d ago )

Looks pretty much the same on both. Would be more interesting to see a console vs PC comparison imo. The most important thing, considering it's a FPS, is that it seems to run at a smooth framerate on both the 360/PS3 versions. The MP shouldn't be any different considering it's built on the same engine as BF BC 2, which runs great on both consoles.

Visually it's nothing spectacular. What really sets it apart from many other FPS games is the incredible audio.

@MisterAV - At least it would show SOME difference instead of none.

MisterAV3289d ago

console vs pc...
what can you compare?
low details: better console
high details: better pc

BubbleSystemSuck3289d ago

low details: crappy PC
high details: better pc

toaster3289d ago (Edited 3289d ago )

I think a PC vs console comparison is pointless, console gamers would only walk away with a bad taste in their mouth and disappointment. Let the console fratboys fight over each other for second place while the PC Master Race can hold their head high knowing they have the superior version.

mastiffchild3289d ago

You do know that even using phrases like "master race" in jest makes you seem a bit of a twonk sometimes? Also, while I USEd to play my shooters online on PC I grew tired of K/M(always looking for a better set up), grew tired of not knowing if I'd won or lost fairly or because of tech differences or some sly use of console mods(desaturating backgrounds etc)-he3wll even because my mouse was better than the next guys. I just found playing on consoles a more level playing field and, as such, a truer test of my skills(or lack of!!). Another thing is that some of us, while better in pure performance terms, with a mouse don't all find it the most immersive or realistic way of gaming. In some ways it's too quick and too accurate for any sense of realism and can ruin thew pace of SP campaigns for me especially.

So while I'm not perfect I don't see why I'm a "fratboy" for gaming less on my PC these days and gaming more on my consoles. Sure,m my rig is capable of displaying higher res and more detail with better physics but it's hardly a hardship to game on PS360 as the quality is very acceptable and , as I said, in many ways I find gaming on consoles more appealing in some areas. I'll always prefer my RTS on a PC but the fact everyone(more or less) plays with the same tech and same controllers on consoles makes them my choice for shooters these days. ~horses for courses, mate, and no need for the arrogance or the name calling. I did find the "master race" thing to be in slightly bad taste too, sorry.

Not a dig at you personally-I just find the arrogant and elitist attitude of some PC users a little bit much if I'm honest-but I AM a sensitive wee soul so there you go. I just don't think there's a right or a wrong platform for us to game on.

toaster3289d ago

Valid arguments there mastiff.

I personally like kb/m because it gives me the freedom to choose how to play. Controllers are static and you can only change the layout of controls so far. On PC you can change virtually any action and map it to a different key. Maybe you have a fucked up thumb, consoles would be like "well sucks for you pal" but on PC you have the freedom to change it to say.. C. Or any other of the 101 keys (literally - a standard keyboard has 101 keys). PC gives you the tools and you choose how you want to use them, not forced to use one of 4 or so variations of control scheme.

Your points for "level playing field" due to tech limitations is found on console controllers as well. If you have a gimped analog joystick then of course your aim will suck. You just replace the controller. There are also things you can purchase to have "better accuracy" for the thumbsticks. Can't think of what it's called off the top of my head but they exist. On PC you have ways to use all the keys to your advantage. If you can't, then you should learn to take advantage of macros.

And I don't know about you but I actually LIKE responsive and accurate controls, maybe you like to play with lag and have a craptastic experience -aka your "realism"- but not me, I like the precision mouse gives me.

RBlaze3288d ago (Edited 3288d ago )

I always found the ol' point and click less immersive and I think that is his best point. It is v.difficult (for me) to get into a game when I am pointing and clicking to shoot... But maybe that's just personal opinion... I am sure others (including yourself) feel different...

Not to mention with an Xbox/PS3 you have all you need! You buy your console and your set for however long the lifecycle is... Odds are if you bought your PC back in 2005/2006 it would be incapable of running top spec now, right?

Also, it annoys me that on a PC you can't regulate speed (well... I never used to be able to! But I haven't played a pc shooter for about 2 years). Ie, you either stand still, run, or go flat out.. There is no inbetween...

AntoineDodson3289d ago

They look the same on both. The only thing I see is that the PS3 version slightly has a better DoF (Depth of Field) so objects in the far distance are better to be seen. However this is really minimal so I'd say they did a good job with MoH.

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wetowel3289d ago

Both look great but if you want to really nitpick just take a look at the shadows, ps3 seems to have a slight edge.

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