GFB: Dead Space Ignition Review

"Overall, this prequel to a sequel is a bust! In what has to be considered a graphical fail, gameplay fail, and fun fail, there’s just nothing good here. If you got it for free due to pre-ordering Dead Space 2, then at least you got a free suit for Isaac. That is if you can in fact handle the boredom this game provides. If you made the mistake of purchasing this game, our sympathy is with you. Isaac has suffered less being torn limb from limb in the original Dead Space. Seriously, Dead Space Ignition is that bad! Replay value is so close to zero, because once you have the suit, you'll never want to touch this thing again."

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3290d ago
hiredhelp3290d ago

i downloaded this. thinking dead space in mind. omg. the size th over sized dummy files. cos this pants.