Back to school: Left 4 Dead University

BeefJack: "How interesting! Here’s something I didn’t expect to find: the Left 4 Dead University."

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antz11043289d ago

What a rip off. Here's a free lesson if you're not good and you want to get better: PLAY MORE.

Dr Face Doctor3289d ago

Sadly, a newbie really does need training for Left 4 Dead these days, what with the rampant groups of elitist fucks that votekick every player who falls one foot behind the group or one foot ahead.

DarkBlood3289d ago

yeah they dont even give u a Fucking chance at all since there all that and this

Blacktric3289d ago

Whoa, there's a whole lotta fucking going on in here. On topic; I agree with Face Doctor. I don't meant to troll or anything but I usually encounter those types when I play the first L4D on Xbox 360. Hell, I downloaded L4D2 demo to see how game looks and feels on 360 like a couple of weeks ago, I joined a game and played a couple of minutes, and then a kid with a voice of 6 year old started votekicking me. Everyone voted no like 5 times and he kept yelling, "KICK HIM HE'S NOT COOL!". I tried to find my headset and was going to curse the f*ck out of him but sadly, asshole started a return to lobby vote and majority pressed yes. And as soon as we dropped to the lobby, he kicked me.

antz11043289d ago

Agreed with all, I got kicked last week during the TAAANNNK mutation b/c I got caught behind, and then again b/c my zombie spawned outside the map and I couldn't get back in. Its annoying, but there are cool players out there too. They could just play campaign too if they want experience as well, even if they boot up splitscreen.

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