Is this the most important game of the year?

CVG: Tim Ingham's no Rapstar - but he knows a game-changer when he sees one...

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MrMccormo3287d ago

Rapstar is a bad rap game.

- only 45 songs, which is just begging for DLC milking
- all the songs are radio edits
- a ton of big-name rappers missing like Jay Z, Ghostface Killa, and Eminem.

Natsu X FairyTail3287d ago

lmao wtffff how can they screw a rap game that much!

toaster3287d ago

Wow this game looks like a joke..

It's a shame people listen to mainstream rap.

iceman063287d ago

with music games now days. Every one that has been released is constructed as sort of a gateway drug. Get people into the game, then hit them with the songs/artists that they REALLY want to hear. It doesn't matter whether it's SingStar, Lips, Rock Band, Guitar Hero, etc. they ALL have gaps in there catalogs. Maybe it also comes down to trying to find a happy medium in terms of individual tastes are concerned. They probably should have given the mature audience the opportunity to play the uncut vs. radio edit saying as though there are some tracks that will probably be missing 3-5 seconds worth of verses.

Cloudberry3287d ago




ironfist923287d ago

Much like candy, you throw the (w)rappers out, in music, and especially in gaming..

visualb3287d ago

is this for real? who the hell is this? is this real?!

" the Big Boi of the 'burbs; the Common of the commuter belt; the Talib Kweli of the greater Hertfordshire area."

=| >> my face

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The story is too old to be commented.