Low detail galore: FIFA 11, Medal of Honor and Gothic 4 on minimum graphics

Everybody is keen on showing the best possible graphics in PC games. But PC Games Hardware shows the dark side: Games like Medal of Honor, FIFA 11, Gothic 4 and even more running on the minimum image quality possible referring to minimum specs of pc gaming rigs.

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kancerkid3290d ago

The disappointing thing is I do not think I could even get 20 FPS with my PC on any of those games...

kaos_fish II3290d ago

Some of those were... nasty!

What was with all the red on that 'Ruse' pic eh..

Akagi3290d ago

They might be ugly, but don't forget that not everyone can afford a powerful PC (or don't even want one) so they play all games on lowest settings with low resolution.

hennessey863290d ago

wouldnt a console be a better bet

Pandamobile3290d ago (Edited 3290d ago )

Not if you still want PC gameplay.

I'd take bad looking graphics over having to play with a controller any day.

When I play games on my laptop, they may not be pretty, but it still plays well.

ProjectVulcan3290d ago (Edited 3290d ago )

Because many are console ports the minimum graphics requirements are usually tied into the console specs which are five years old now. Testing with a 7800/X1800 series is going to produce slightly sub console visuals. 7800GTX launched in june 2005 making it nearly five and a half years old!

If you havent upgraded your machine in over four years and you are using five year old graphics then you are going to be playing games below console fidelity. However it doesnt take an expensive powerful computer to beat console hardware anymore, not after all this time. $65/£55 gets you a graphics card that can easily surpass consoles, paired with any cheap dual core. Indeed even picking up slightly dated hardware secondhand like an 8800GT which go dirt cheap now, would provide console besting performance comfortably.

Really if you want to play modern games, you would schedule a pc upgrade at least every five years.

Syaz13290d ago

exactly. pc is definitely worth your money on the long run, but not everyone can drop lots of cash at one go. in my case, since i'm still leeching off my parents, i settle for an xbox 360 instead. consoles are the best option for those who cant afford to spend money on a decent gaming pc.

Ocelot5253289d ago (Edited 3289d ago )

games like GTA 4(certainly for the driving part), prototype, batman AA, and all racing games play way better with a controller imo and the rumble is a nice addition

luckily many games on the PC support the 360 controller natively these days, just plug it in, and the game converts to the console interface

i have to use the keyboard from 9 till 5 for work, when i come home I want to use a controller instead

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XANDEO3290d ago

Some of those textures look like they wouldnt be out of place in the PS1 era

limewax3290d ago

Get move then. I havent myself and im not being a fanboy but people are saying it feels more like mouse and keyboard than a controller. Just a suggestion if you really hate controllers that much.

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