The Best Selling Games of January to September 2010 by Platform

What are the top-selling games of 2010 heading into the all important orgy of capitalism that is October to December? They involve sports, cowboys, pocket monsters, mustached heroes and other interesting subjects.

To begin, these are the best selling games not limited to a system. So if game x sold 10 copies on platform a and five copies on platform b, it is tracked as 15 copies total with the platforms it is on in the chart. In other words, chart one is the multiplatform worldwide top ten for January to September 2010.

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bmw693292d ago

So Red Dead Redemption is the big hit of 2010 so far...

Cloudberry3292d ago

"Red Dead Redemption wont cater to gamers because it's an old western style game."

If I'm not mistaken, lol.

darthdevidem013292d ago

LOL you jealous of Pachter?

toaster3292d ago

Fricken ironic that an article from VGCharts is considered "Rumor."

Cloudberry3292d ago (Edited 3292d ago )

I just quote his "prediction" before Red Dead Redemption's launch awhile back.

LoVeRSaMa3292d ago

Uncharted 2 sold 1 million only?

I am Suuuuure it sold more then that..

Hades13373292d ago

Pachter openly admits to making mistakes. I guess you predicted it would sell millions eh?

btw Uncharted 2 sold 1 million this year, its overall sales are around 3 million so it sold around 2 million last year.

3292d ago
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pwnd_of_lol3292d ago (Edited 3292d ago )

so no exclusives of PS3? heres the argument of fans "the exclusives of PS3 sell a lot"

[email protected]

IMO it’s obvious sony marketing is crap. Uncharted 2 was just an awesome game and, for a team to give you such an exclusive and you don’t capitalize on it is just sad..

HeavenlySnipes3292d ago

The game came out this year./s

Welcome to 2010. What a dumbass comment, Uncharted 2 was released last year and got 1 mil sales this year on top of the 2+ mil it got last year.

Imperator3292d ago

Other than Reach, all the numbers for both Ps3 and 360 are pretty similar.

StanLee3292d ago

Over 5 million units in less than a full month or release. Truly impressive.

Stealth20k3292d ago

Not really

pokemon white black has sold basically the same amount in only 1 region

3292d ago
seijuro3292d ago

Lets wait for a more reliable source before judging it's performance. There is no doubt that the sales would be massive though.

PS360fanboy3292d ago

Still it's quite impressive dammit! You don't see many games pulling it out!

mistajeff3292d ago

oh apparently mass effect 2 was published by microsoft, how interesting

Convas3292d ago

Reach, God of War 3, Red Dead on top son!

Though, I still don't see the appeal of RDR, GOW3 and Reach deserve it.

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The story is too old to be commented.