Eurogamer: Dead Space Ignition Review

The idea of an interactive comic as narrative expansion is a sound one, but Ignition entirely fails to do the concept justice. Those who struggle through to the end get a new suit Isaac can use in Dead Space 2, a completion time and ranking, and a message which simply reads: "Congratulations on surviving Dead Space Ignition." They could hardly have chosen a more appropriate word.

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RankFTW3294d ago

If you are a fan of Dead Space it isn't that bad, it's only £4 after all and gives a bit of back story for the next game.

Weaksauce11383294d ago

It's free if your smart. You can just preorder for the code then cancel it if your not sure you want the game, but paying for it? If you did you're a sucker.

Bass_fisherman3294d ago

Its all about puzzles and that seems boring

BlackTar1873294d ago

havent tried yet but i am a huge Dead Space fan. So i hope i enjoy the demo.

anyone play Sonic yet?

PirateThom3294d ago

Played the demo of Sonic, thought it was really good.

BlackTar1873294d ago

i will def. gice the demo a try tonight and buy it if worthy :)

Thanks again

HDgamer3294d ago

I would only get this when I pre-order dead space the collectors edition. But basically I'm a fan of their animated comics so this would be just a small price to pay to have their comics.

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The story is too old to be commented.