The healing power of PlayStation 3

Critical Gamer writes: There has been a lot of hype about the power of the Cell processor residing inside the PlayStation 3. Whether or not we will see its full power being exploited remains to be seen, but it has been put to good use by medical researchers in America with the [email protected] project.

I’m sure a lot of PS3 owners are unaware of the program [email protected] residing on their PS3. This little piece of software has been designed by boffins at Stanford University in the USA, and is used to perform mathematical calculations of proteins when they misfold in the human body. I know you’re probably wondering what I’m wittering on about, so here’s what it is all about.

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Jim Crikey3699d ago

Why don't all machines do this?

Shadow Flare3699d ago (Edited 3699d ago )

I know that pc's use [email protected] as well. I think all computers should use this as every little helps. Wii doesn't have it as it doesn't really have the power for the tasks at hand, and Stanford university said that the 360 is of limited help to them

ImpartialMan3699d ago

PS3 CPU is 3 times more capable than Xbox.
"And in terms of performance measured in gigaflops, the PS3 tops out at nearly three times that of the Xbox. "- IGN

for a same gen console, that is extremely large difference. Also the reason why 360 does not have [email protected] as Shadow Flare said

Anton Chigurh3698d ago (Edited 3698d ago )

Didn't heal my shoulder injury. I better go to a real doctor. /s

ImpartialMan3698d ago

do you realize the importance of protein folding to finding cure to many diseases and many other scientific advancements??

only injury you have is stupidity. and no doc can fix that

Hideo_Kojima3698d ago

Calm down he was just joking :-/

scruffy_bear3699d ago

My problem is I can't do anything with my PS3 when using [email protected] if it was in the background I would use it more

Shadow Flare3699d ago

If I'm using my ps3 just to play some music in my room, then I'll put on [email protected] since it plays music while it does it

rdgneoz33699d ago

Yep, I do the same. Turn [email protected] on and play a little music.

lolzers3698d ago

I'm going to start doing it because my ps3 is very rarely on. Might as well do some good for the world.

jneul3698d ago

that is because you own a 360 and pretend it's a ps3 every day....

lolzers3698d ago (Edited 3698d ago )

I don't own a 360 you spacker. It may come as a blow, but some people don't worship a piece of plastic and metal the same way you do.

EDIT:It's amusing how you get labeled as being a 360 owner because you dare to downplay anything wrong with the ps3. I haven't owned a 360 for over 2 years, I sold it because it had nothing out I wanted.

Which would be the same fate for my ps3 if it had nothing coming out next year. This year has been dismal.

jneul3697d ago

yeah gow iii, heavy rain, 3d dot heroes, wkc, rof, ffxiii, modnation racers, 3d dot heroes, demon souls (eu), move, sports champions, start the party,tumble
thats alot of game/peripherals already out this year that i bought alone, not to mention upcoming games such as time crisis, the fight, gt5.
if that is a lack of games then i call you blind

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Dan503698d ago

You can play music you have on the HDD and use the web browser. :D

Cubes3699d ago

Microsoft should be supporting [email protected] as well on the 360. Bill Gates is always seen donating money to charity, so why not help with this project? They should try and get it integrated into the OS of PC's, Mac's and all the consoles, and have it running in the background.

metsgaming3699d ago

yea the 360 fans would never us it. Not because they dont care per say but because they dont want to risk it overheating and causing RROD.

Mr2Good33698d ago

there to busy play modern warfare 2.

Trroy3698d ago (Edited 3698d ago )

MS won't support folding @ home on the 360, and I'll tell you why:

The TFLOPs fact reports like this one.

A task like protein folding is something the Cell processor is exceptionally good at (as you can see from the numbers) -- and the 360 would look weak, in comparison, despite its being a decent games console.

MS will never, ever, do something that would make the 360 look markedly inferior to the PS3. Like having [email protected] Doesn't matter to them if it saves lives or not. It would be bad publicity, and would hurt their brand, and that's all they care about. Sad but true.

Honestly the RRoD issue mentioned in a comment above is also a concern. MS doesn't want *every* old 360 coming back for a free refurb. The publicity issue is the main reason, though.

Dan503698d ago

They hate the word free its their other F word. :P

Truth3698d ago


I spit Rockstar through my nose. It burns, but it was worth the laugh.

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ElementX3698d ago

I use my console for gaming and blu-rays, sorry. I also turn off my console when it's not being used for said activities.

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