Critical Gamer: Warriors: Legends of Troy preview

Critical Gamer writes: During a recent tour of their large show-floor booth, Tecmo Koei were eager to point out that their forthcoming releases don’t only cater to their existing audience. Best known for the Musou series (Dynasty Warriors), but also home to the Ninja Gaiden and Dead or Alive franchises, Tecmo Koei hoped to exhibit their versatility, whilst still playing to their well established strengths.

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DelbertGrady3289d ago

Dynasty Warriors with new skins.

scruffy_bear3289d ago

Yes thats all it is which is sad as it could be a great game

Andreas-Sword3289d ago

Warriors Legends of TROY will be a very good Hack and Slash game. Bloody and brutal like the movies "Troy" and "300".
I think Tecmo Koei develop a very good game for the western people. This game will be better than Dynasty Warriors. In this game, there will be two different stories, so two story-modes: Greeks and Trojans
And in the game there will be also mythological creatures and mythological bosses.

Cubes3289d ago

Dynasty Warriors was so repetitive, you could probably complete it without looking at what was happening on the screen! This doesn't look much different, so I think I'm out!

AceofStaves3289d ago

When I think of versatility, Koei doesn't come to mind.

I liked the first 'Samurai Warriors' game; perhaps I'll give this one a look.

IDesertFoxI3289d ago

To be fair, Dynasty Warriors and the pallette of games it has spawned is a fairly relaxing and therapeutic approach to large scale murder. Definitely a good stress buster.

AceofStaves3289d ago

I have to agree. There's something about slaughtering 1,000+ enemies at a go that is a stress reliever, especially after a tough workday,

Ares84PS33289d ago

For example I hope it won't have all that gayness DW has. Like all that cocatu paradeing. Also that lazer sword effect all DW games have and the dumb AI.

Aleusia3289d ago

your comment makes my brain hurt.

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