Critical Gamer: Crysis 2 at Eurogamer Expo 2010

Critical Gamer writes: My time spent with Crysis 2 seemed very brief. Playing it on the lovely open platform that the PC provides, the game build was, unfortunately, not that stable, with a frantic man running between the machines, correcting the crashes that happened consistently throughout the day. It was understandably a buggy pre-release version of a game due out next year, and on the plus side, it let me play the same section twice in a row. This would normally have been frustratingly tedious, only having a 20 minute slot with a crash taking out five of those, but Crysis has always been about multiple choices when it comes to killing stuff.

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Jim Crikey3291d ago

I wasn't that impressed, actually.

IDesertFoxI3291d ago

I must admit, I really hope that they learned their lesson from the first game and make this an awesome roller coaster of carnage all the way through. I think it's looking good.

scruffy_bear3291d ago

I was very disappointed in the first game, hoping Crysis 2 is a lot better

Cubes3291d ago

I was hoping this would be good, but I'm fed up visiting New York all the time in my gaming exploits!

Jockie3291d ago

I loved the original up until the silly Korean general boss fight and the ensuing underwater/zero G shenanigans. Mainly it was just fun trying the powers out in a sandbox environment and marvelling at the graphics engine. Hope this will run on my pc to a decent standard.

Pandamobile3291d ago

"Crysis 2 is looking really good, but this could be due to the 3 GB processor, 4 GB RAM and th..."

I wish I had a 3 GB processor :(

y0haN3291d ago

Foolish poor people, I have a 6GB processor. Mow some lawns bitches!

Mista T3291d ago

wait I'm confused here, are you talking about cpu cache? cause I don't think 3gb is possible....

Fishy Fingers3290d ago (Edited 3290d ago )

It was obviously a 3GHz CPU of some sort, probably i7 or something. The writer of the article just made a mistake or is a noob, I dont know.

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