Critical Gamer: Deus Ex: Human Revolution at Eurogamer Expo 2010

Critical Gamer writes: Every time the interweb was fed new details about the new Deus Ex, I got a little bit more worried about it. Was it being ‘dumbed down’ for more mass appeal? After watching a live on – stage demo those fears are largely gone – but they’ve been replaced by new ones. This was one of the few games to be treated to a developer session that didn’t have a playable demo on the show floor, and perhaps you’ll come to understand why.

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Jim Crikey3699d ago

Please be good, please be good, please be good....

IDesertFoxI3699d ago

It won't take much to be better than Invisible War :p

scruffy_bear3699d ago

LOL, can't wait for Human Revolution don't f**k it up

Tony P3699d ago

"It won't take much to be better than Invisible War :p "

But it will take a lot to measure up to the original.

Cubes3699d ago

Surely they've learnt their lesson after Invisible War!

Jockie3699d ago

I just hope Squenix have as little to do with the title as possible. Most of their recent output has been of embaressingly poor quality, they should stay well clear and stick to publishing duties on this one.

scruffy_bear3699d ago

Couldn't agree more with you on that

Tony P3699d ago

Again, they are handling the cutscenes only.

yamzilla3699d ago

will own...consoles...not so sure

Pug3699d ago

Deus Ex only second to Half Life in my book of greatest FPS.

Really hoping this is good.

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