Most games get boring near the end

PLAY's Gavin Mackenzie seems to have dozens of games on the go at any one time, and it’s very rare that he actually gets around to finishing one. Why is that?

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Natsu X FairyTail3288d ago

You're playing the Wrong games mate! Get some good ole Rpg's and you'll be in for a ride till the end. I'm Finishing my Tales of Vesperia Copy I'm at 40 hours!!! Get a Platinum game to you'll enjoy it most probably.

captain-obvious3288d ago

i just finished Starcraft2 and it had a nice ending and TBH

** Spoiler alert **
that bitch just aint worth it
Tychus is a cool guy
and Jim killing him at the end of the game just to save that bitch which gave us a hard time during the hole game
just because they used to have something between them is just stupid

you know what
maybe if the ending was just like how it supposed to be with Tychus blowing up that bitches head would be much more satisfying

but oh well
the ending was nice anyway

**end spoiler**

MaxOpower3288d ago

Naaaa, never had that problem. Movies for sure, but not games.

SuperMassiveGav3288d ago

I'm the same with movies too. I won't sit through a mediocre one to the end. It has to be REALLY good to keep me to watch it all in one sitting.

MaxOpower3288d ago

I think it might have somthing to do whit the value.

SuperMassiveGav3288d ago

How am I more likely to finish a 40 hour game!?!??!?

I bought Oblivion 4 years ago, have plunged 300+ hours into it, and STILL haven't finished the main quest.

I did finish Vanquish within a few days though, so you're right about PlatinumGames. But even there, the best stuff is all in the first half.

MrCrimson3288d ago put 300 hours into oblivion and didn't finish the main quest, i'm calling shenanigans on this one.

SuperMassiveGav3288d ago

It's true. I have four different characters and not one of them has finished it.

I'm SO easily sidetracked.

BannedForNineYears3288d ago

I was semi-deep into Oblivion (PS3 version) until one of my quests glitched......
I learned my lesson.........

Acquiescence3288d ago

It's all down to pacing essentially, and a lot of games do wear out their welcome due to unnecessarily stretching out quests or objectives or whatever to the point of immense tedium. Case in point is Bioshock: as soon as the twist was revealed, that game grinded to a halt.

There need to be more games like Heavy Rain or Silent Hill: Shattered Memories; games which run a tight ship when it comes to pacing and keep the epic moments flowing and continous. Heavy Rain got off to a slow start sure, but once the momentum gets going it's an absolute rollercoaster. I defy anyone NOT to complete that game.

SuperMassiveGav3288d ago

I wasn't that impress by Heavy Rain, but I did finish it because you're right, there's no point playing it if you don't.

BioShock I did finish, twice in quick succession in fact. But again you're right, the last few hours do just string it out for no reason and the ending is rubbish.

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The story is too old to be commented.