Resolution: Hydrophobia review

Resolution's Peter Willington writes: So then, to Hydrophobia, a game with a cast of terrible Euro-trash voice actors, stomping over ham-fistedly written lines that are so hollow they’re buoyant. Lucky for those monologues and duologues they’ll need to be, as the central hook of the game is that you’re on board a giant floating city on the eve of a celebratory evening, when everything goes to pot and begins letting on water. Playing as Kate you must guide her to her safety and stop the terrorists – named the Malthusians – from seizing full control of the ship, all of which is done by some pretty rote third person shooting, averagely executed environment navigation and puzzle solving.

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SpideyNut3290d ago

I'm betting no....maybe just played the demo.

I DID buy it...and it's actually not as bad as some reviewers make it out. For a downloadable game, it was pretty good. A lot of reviewers are just slamming it because of how long it took, and because of it's short length.

The game has a bit of an old-school feel to it, which I liked...reminded me of some classic TPS/Action Platformers like Syphon Filter, Tomb Raider, and WinBack. And the physics gameplay is fun...if you actually USE it, as intended.

Paradise Lost3289d ago

Sorry bro you wasted $15 on a shitty ass game. Thank god there was a demo because it was so bad.