Delays: We Don’t Seem To Mind So Much

Play Mag: Gran Turismo 5 has been delayed and the world has said… ‘fair enough’. So what’s all that about?

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tynam3289d ago

Dont seem to mind much? i was really pissed, but apparently its not going going to be delayed too much, so if it comes out sometime in november then all will be ok, if not i may have to freeze myself

stevenhiggster3288d ago

Of course we mind! But can anyone honestly say they didn't expect it?
Maybe thats why we don't appear so bothered, because we kinda knew it would happen.

tplarkin73288d ago

5 years is a ridiculous amount of time. This spells trouble for the game.

big_silky3289d ago

I hate delays because they always seem to push them to the exact same month that there's already a dozen other games I want.

3289d ago
SMW3289d ago

We dont seem to mind so much?

Obviously this person hasn't visted the PSBlog, or my facebook page.

People mind.

People mind alot.

Terarmzar3288d ago

i was kinda sad that it got delayed but i can wait, second car game i wanted that was delayed first Test Drive unlimited 2 and now Gran Turismo 5 but luckily it comes out this year still.

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The story is too old to be commented.