Gamereactor: "Gran Turismo 5 just 3 days late"

Gamereactor writes: "A journalist colleague of ours, Gregor Wildermann, who is visiting Tokyo and Polyphony Digital passed on information of what Polyphony Digital head Kazunori Yamauchi had to say about the cancelled release date of Gran Turismo 5.

His reply was that the game was only three days late from their side, and that Sony has to decide what that means for the release. And so far Sony have not given gamers a new date, but hopefully the wait won't have to be that long."

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Jaybad543292d ago

Trying so hard not to get my hopes up again, want this game so bad!

Acquiescence3292d ago

then no worries... right?!

DaTruth3292d ago

It has to release on a Tuesday, so it will be 1 week at least!

barom3292d ago

I think Sony is just looking at the release windows and finding a nice spot

wsoutlaw873292d ago

3 days is definitely not what i was execting

jonnyp7773292d ago

Walmart emailed me about my preorder and it said it changed from Nov. 2 to Nov. 16. Only 2 weeks.

Shadow Flare3292d ago

If it's just a case of them missing their deadline by 3 days due to polishing or whatever, then it should still be releasing quite soon

sinncross3292d ago

Well Sony have said its still 2010 so I suspect end November.

Dee_913292d ago

yea around mid november

Jaybad543292d ago

A lot of the rumours coming out of russia and germany a few days ago were saying November 26th...

irepbtown3291d ago

2009 they were 95% complete, the last 5% was ONLY polishing. I wonder what would need polishing now?

But 3 days is nothing, considering i've waited many yrs, 3 days will fly by as im going to be playing some Black ops.

Zir03292d ago (Edited 3292d ago )

Those 3 days could cause the game to release on the same day or dangerously close to Black Ops. The question is will Sony risk loosing some GT buyers to COD or will they delay it into december.

@belal and Redempteur
I said "some" buyers. You can't honestly believe that people who buy GT don't buy anything else or like any other genre. COD will affect the performance of GT5 thats a fact, you only have to look at its sales, MW2 is currently the best selling PS3 game it sold even better than GT5:P and Black Ops is set to beat that.

hennessey863292d ago

we all no cod is going to sell like hot cakes so i think they have to release well before or a couple of weeks after. Alot of gamers cant afford to buy 2 games so close together.

Shadow Flare3292d ago (Edited 3292d ago )

Did either of you even read the article? It's not releasing 3 days later, polyphony was 3 days late past their production deadline. Which means Sony has to re-evaluate when to release the game

You only had to read the article summary to realise that


eclectified3292d ago (Edited 3292d ago )

@ Hennessey86 If gamers are planning on buying both games and the earlier gets delayed to the same day as the latter, there should be no reason those gamers couldn't afford both.
I don't know about you but, when a game gets delayed, I don't flush my 60USD down the toilet.

Dee_913292d ago (Edited 3292d ago )

man i would rent cod from gamefly till i get more money if that was the case
no way in hell id buy cod over gt5 lol

and im sure the gt fans feel the same way

DaTruth3292d ago

If I played four COD's in the past 4 years, I could probably hold off on Black Ops to play a game that hasn't had a real release for 6 years!

irepbtown3291d ago (Edited 3291d ago )

Preorder your games NOW, like i am. Black Ops and Gran Turismo 5.
Then save Playstation move and Assassins creed 3 for boxing day.

Preorder brothers and sisters.

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xXxSeTTriPxXx3292d ago

gt sells atleast 10 to 15million units every installment.i don't think there worryed about black ops.there fans are loyal and the world stands still when gt release for die hard race sim fans.

T3MPL3TON 3292d ago

"the world stands still"

Just because you can't move because your uber fanboy brain can't handle it doesn't mean everyone else is the same.

mastiffchild3292d ago

%T^he world of gaming DOES nearly stand still, though, doesn't it?Why else would we gamers buy virtually the same COD year in and year out. I'm guilty as the next guy as I bought WaW when COD4 was still(as it still is today, imho) the best COD available, we all bought a Halo gam,e for three of the last four years, we all buy fifa or Madden every year despite the main change being roster and kit updates and so on. Does that REALLY suggest a fast moving gaming population? Not to me. To me it shows we're VERY conservative and if a series usually sells a shedload(and just look at how a glorified GT5 demo sold in Prologue form as a barometer for the hunger among gamers for a new GT game)the chances are the first iteration in full game form in a generation will likely do exactly the same.

Another reason not to worry about GT5 sales is that people have had their cash for it earmarked for a long while. Many gamers are even still top buy a PS3 for it as they await the inevitable bundle down the line as we usually end up getting-AND I don't see the COD fanbase overlapping too massively with the GT5 fanbase. Not to the point it hurts sales anyway and if I were choosing just one of the two I'm likely to already have a recent COD which I can freely play on line so GT5 would be a higher priority anyway.

Anyhoo, my main point is that while the world doesn't stand still the games world actually moves a lot less than you make out with the same stuff selling year in and year out GT has always sold well and , this gen, Prologue did amazingly well so there's no reason, imho, to feel a short delay will hurt at all. I don't think you need to be an uber fanboy to assume GT5 will sell pretty well, do you? I think it's a safe bet when you look at the relevant sales of other big franchises and it's own releases through the years and including Prologue this gen.

belal3292d ago

one question sir: why would people who wants a racing/sim game buy a shooter? i have friends that hasn't even taken ps3 out of the box because of gt5 release. i will buy all three november games for sure but those who wants gt5 will not go for black ops.

40cal3292d ago

Well I for one am a huge fan of both cars and guns.

NatureOfLogic3292d ago (Edited 3292d ago )

I was going to get both black ops and GT5,but now im just getting black ops

Steve_03292d ago

I was going to get both black ops and GT5, but now I'm just getting GT5.


wsoutlaw873292d ago

you just said you will buy all three. you contradict your own point.

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Redempteur3292d ago

why would any racing fan care about black ops ?

just saying ..

CBaoth3292d ago (Edited 3292d ago )

didn't know in order to be a racing fan you can't like FPS! I didn't know they were mutually exclusive so a big thanks for the heads up. I'll make sure from now on to coordinate my buying trends to your opinions,

just sayin...

Redempteur3292d ago (Edited 3292d ago )

@ the 7 ( wow 8 ! ) disagrees

sorry but GT5 is a block buster that is bound to sell regardless of what's this front of him. i'm pretty sure any racing fan that were planning to get GT5 don't care if it's the same date as black ops ..they'll get it anyway.

why should GT be opposed as black ops ?..they are in différent genres for different tastes .

EVEN if you like both genres ..what's preventing you from buying both ?
"dammit i waited for gT5 for like 5 years but i won't get it because black ops is here "
^^^^^you think that is going to happen ? because i seriously doubt it.

wsoutlaw873292d ago

so you think with the millions that buy gt and the millions that buy cod, none of those millions are the same people.

Hideo_Kojima3292d ago

and you think that the millions of people who like both games will have $120 dollars to spend?

Back when LBP released I could only afford 1 game during that period.
I had a choice to get LBP or Far Cry 2 or Mirrors Edge...

I ended up getting LBP.

By the time I got more money I found out about games such as Resistance 2 which I had missed and Killzone 2 which came in February than Infamous... I had no time to go back and get those 2 other olds games I had missed. Later I found out Far Cry 2 wasnt that good and Mirrors Edge wasnt what I was looking for and I ended up just getting 1 out of the 3 initial games.

So LBP did cause Mirrors Edge and Far Cry 2 (2 totally different games) to lose a sale from me.

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RememberThe3573292d ago (Edited 3292d ago )

Most people who will pick up GT5 are not going to be hardcore GT fans. If you look at the preorders Black Ops is going to destroy it in the US (at least as first). Everyone keep bring up GT sale from the past, but there was no COD type game back then. Sony hasn't even started advertising the damn game so I don't know how SCEA expect is to sell the same numbers it has done in the past. This is a very different generation and commercialism sells And now that they don't have a release date how are they going to advertise it? This is just a really lame situation. First Sony fk up GT PSP and now they are fking up the release of GT5. You sell 10 million copies of a game with timing and advertising. Sony seems to have muffed up the timing and we have seen zero advertising. You guys can be optimistic the release but I'm not impressed.

@above: You guys are acting like racing fans only like racing games. Do you guys only like one genre of video game? Just because their racing fans does not mean they're not shooter fans.

I personally can't wait for this game and I'll wait how ever long it takes. I just think is lame how Sony seems to always do this with their most highly anticipated games in the holiday season. Remember the LBP issue that muffed up the launch? I'm getting that vibe right now.

tinybigman3292d ago

and i'll be picking it up day 1 over any game; that includes black ops, NFS(which i love) or ACB (love the beta).

raztad3292d ago

GT PSP sold almost 2m. That's petty good for a fvk up game dont you think?

raztad3292d ago

I cannot explain what's with the mediocre number of preorders for GT5 in NA. Isnt people unaware the game was suppose to release Nov/2? Black Ops is taking all the headlines? former GT owners bought Forza and lost interest for GT5? Dunno about what is going on.

I wouldnt be surprised if delaying GT5 is more a marketing decision. I mean BO is gonna sell not matter what (and obviously Sony wants BO to sell), so probably they are trying to find a less busy release date, away of the noise of Kinect and BO. Besides, there is not LBP2 to look forward so GT5 will be the only Sony game, they have to maximize the impact.

Boody-Bandit3292d ago

I bought Forza 3 and I am very excited for GT5.
If anything, Forza 3 made me even more excited for GT5. I am still playing Forza 3 and all the while I am thinking about GT5. It's like having sex with a one women while thinking about another to get you there. If you know what I mean.

monkey nuts3292d ago

Margaret Thatcher naked on a cold rainy day, margaret thatcher naked on a cold rainy day.......

Boody-Bandit3292d ago

Thanks you so much for the mental image. I just hope I can get it out of my mind before my next encounter. I would hate to have to deal with the whole, "what's a matter, don't you find me attractive anymore" mantra.

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militant073292d ago

if they kept it like it was, kinect is there!

49erguy3292d ago

Do you realize how many people are buying CONSOLES for this? Let alone the game itself? I'm not arguing, but since you all are have your certainties about Black Ops (which are good points BTW), I am also certain that Black Ops isn't a system seller.

My buds are not buying HDTV's or PS moves. They're buying G27s and waiting for GT5 to release so they can get PS3s. How many people are doing all that for black ops? No disrespect to that game though, I'm sure it'll be great.

mastiffchild3292d ago

Well, if you bought a console to play COD the chances are you did so a long while ago-is that more what you mean, fella? Certainly, I know a few people who have held off buying a PS3 purely because they're awaiting a GT5 bundle. I don't understand it myself but it IS something I see happening among my own mates.

As for BO and myself? I've just had enough of both Kotick and his BS and buying a COD game every year. To me COD4 is still the high water mark and every subsequent game feels a little less punchy and a bit more diluted. COD4 still plays the best of the COD games anyway so I feel no need to be buying BO this year. It'll be a good game but unless they do something that makes the game tangibly better(like sodding dedicated servers on ALL HD platforms-it's the market leader and to have just P2P in 2010 is, to me, shockingly poor. Are none of the workers at Treyarch or IW gamers these days? Don't they WANT us playing their game in the best possible form?)then what's the need for another one? It just means new killstreaks and uniforms and little else apart from being a bit more unbalanced every year to me.

Seriously, though, if Warhawk can manage dedicated servers why in the world can't BO or MW2? At a stroke they would improve the online no end yet that tiny(compared to COD profits) outlay is too much for loyal COD fans to expect? Shame on you Kotick and your gamer hating penny pinching.

Lykon3292d ago

Going by COD MW2, 3 days is more than enough time for the casuals to have finished the COD SP campaign, of course the online glitchers and hackers will mess about with the online mode for a month or two but I can't imagine them playing GT5 anyway.

49erguy3292d ago

Yeah GT4 was nothing but campaign. I haven't finished it, cause those 24hr endurance races...............OMG! Greatest replay value of any console game ever, and I'm not even talking about online.

wsoutlaw873292d ago

they would probably want it out before all of the black friday holliday shopping. not to many games come out after then.

gtamike3292d ago (Edited 3292d ago )

GT is bigger than COD and even Halo

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kanedaakira3292d ago

I have friends that bought a PS3 specifically for GT5. They haven't bought or played any games since they bought their PS3s. This is the ONLY game they want and the ONLY game they will play for the next year. The release of any other game in a similar timeframe will not affect their decision to buy GT5 for one moment.

I hope it gets released soon or these people will probably explode!

SexyPrawns3292d ago

That's insane.

I'm calling BS.

49erguy3292d ago

I said the same thing in my post, and I thought I was the only person who knew people who waited out on Ps3s for GT5

kanedaakira3291d ago

Call BS if you want but it's true man. One is my dad ;D and the other is a friend from work

Sitris3292d ago

Same here, I have friends, and relatives who have a ps3 for blu rays, and for playing GT5. They haven't even bought a single game, one has the game it came with, still in it's wrapper, rainbow six Vegas I believe it is haha
and I . have many, many other 360 and wii owners who are buying a ps3 and GT5 for Christmas.

wsoutlaw873292d ago

damn 360.00$ for one game. i dont no

SexyPrawns3292d ago

I think the important question here is...

Why are people buying Black Ops?

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