Killzone 3: 10 Minutes Of Pure Closed Beta Footage

Watch ten minutes of Killzone 3 beta footage.

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LoVeRSaMa3291d ago

I am waiting for some good quality footage, hopefully should get some with the beta going live :)

captain-obvious3291d ago (Edited 3291d ago )

the game looks really nice
but im not a fan of this slow movie tape kinda thingy at the menu
they should change it

sorry about that
it looks like the website edited the video and added this thing

forcefullpower3291d ago

The Video changing is done by the website. It is not part of the game.

LoVeRSaMa3291d ago (Edited 3291d ago )

That's Ironic :D

3291d ago
Bhai3291d ago

at 04:47 ... ocean, I came :)

ico923291d ago (Edited 3291d ago )

well why don't you wait this febuary to try it out for yourself instead of making judgements on a video of the multiplayer BETA

Panthers3291d ago

That water looks AMAZING lol. Game looks freaking great day 1

talltony3291d ago

This will have everything I want in a fps. LOOKS EPIC. You guys will be blown away when you see this game in person, I promise you.

8-bit3291d ago

This is how detailed FPS should be. This game looks amazing plain and simple.

inveni03291d ago

Did anyone else notice footprints in the snow? Awesome. Who needs radar?

SnuggleBandit3291d ago

Man that water is water i've ever seen in a game (and this is from a multiplayer beta match) Aren't the graphics not as good in multiplayer? Consider my mind blown.

frostypants3291d ago (Edited 3291d ago )

Even with that grainy footage it looks really, really good. REALLY good. The ash particles in the air, and later the snow, look great. Best effects this side of Uncharted 2.

Definitely a big improvement on Killzone 2, especially in the terrain.

And that water on the snow level...if you've never seen the ocean or Great Lakes in the winter, well you have now, because THAT'S exactly what it looks like. Wow.

And check out the footprints around 4:45. Holy sh*t...

PS3_lifer3291d ago

You can't be serious GG! They just took the FPS crown! COD, Crysis have absolutely nothing on this level(for consoles. dare I say the elements in KZ3 rival even the mighty PC? I dare I dare!).

Do your remember awhile back there was a story here comparing the first KZ and Halo? And all the Halo fanboys rejoiced and proclaimed Halo the king of the heap. I love how they don't compare the two any longer. Now it's GOW and KZ....wonder why that is. lol

SWEET FUCKING REVENGE! So enjoy it my fellow PS3 users, enjoy!

We'll be holding on to the top position for a looooong time to come.

HSx93291d ago

the water looks nice, but the way it hit the shore didn't look realistic, maybe it was just for the beta.

bostoner3291d ago

This is like watching paint dry... just prettier. I know he's trying to show the graphics and all but the guy playing needs to run instead of walk and kill more enemies. he stinks. The video looks like crap on youtube anyways. I'd rather see some good killing and some stabs. Their nothing more frustrating than watching a game you want to play played by an inferior player.

karl3291d ago

i actually enjoy it even more...

yeah the guy didnt played much.. but they usually do..

so it was nice he showed us the environment.. looks awesome

ImpartialMan3291d ago

and people call this site PS3 fanboys ran. Lol.

and btw, the compressed youtube video on your small pc screen doesnt do it justice.

If you play KZ2 on 50 inch plasma and play any other multiplat games, you will notice the significant difference.

PshycoNinja3291d ago

What is that big machine at 2:27? That thing is massive! Oh man now I am really pumped for the MP and SP for Killzone 3.

aj20093291d ago

exactly, that really made the scenery come alive (so to speak) for me. That thing got me mad excited.

p.s. it's psycho, fool. unless you misspelled it intentionally. Intentional misspellings are so 90s.

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Longrod_Von_Hugendon3291d ago (Edited 3291d ago )

That's the best looking MP ever! I thought UC2, MoH MP looked good.

Holy Shit 8:25!!! I think I just came in my pants! lol

The fuck out here with your Halo and GOW3 *points and lol4rl*

B-Real2063291d ago

at 9:44 seconds you can tell he was use to playing BFBC2. He aimed higher expecting bullet drop. Looking forward to this game none the less though.

Kurt Russell3291d ago

Going to give this a go (and load up KillZone 2 for another run), but saying "get the fuck" out to Halo and Gears makes you sound like a dolt. Both those games have peng MP, some of the best out there.

visualb3291d ago

first thing I thought too =P hehe

frostypants3291d ago (Edited 3291d ago )

I agree, Halo is a fantastic MP game.

But you gotta admit, from a graphical standpoint, this does pretty much mop the floor with it, to put it mildly. They clearly put more development effort into this than Bungie put into Reach.

Halochampian3291d ago

It does look amazing but how dare you say that Bungie didnt put as much Developmental Effort into Reach.

I am not a huge fan of Killzone. Been playing the second a little lately and i enjoy Halo much more. gameplay wise. Does that mean that Guerrilla didnt put effort into the gameplay? No.

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bobbyluv3291d ago

the water looks amazing!!!

Halochampian3291d ago

it really does. I wish the guy could jump out into it. Would love to see if you could interact with it.

shoddy3291d ago

can't wait for resistance 3 too.

ico923291d ago

has anyone noticed how much grittier the graphics look, the game looks haunting

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hennessey863291d ago

till this game is in my ps3. Im buying a 3d tv for this game when it launches

hennessey863291d ago

im going to be saving my pennys up for it

Sheikh Yerbouti3291d ago (Edited 3291d ago )

At least invite a mofo over...! LOL

Ju3291d ago

Sheikh asking for money. We really must be in a global recession, me thinks. Irony. LOL

ravinash3291d ago

Will feel like your running and gunning with a real gun.

DelbertGrady3291d ago

Looks amazing! The levels look very atmospheric and well-designed.

RememberThe3573291d ago

My eyes grow teary for the crappy quality :(