Majin and the Forsaken: Can’t wait for the release?

NAMCO BANDAI Games Europe have got a little something to keep you going. From today, fans can dip their toes in the magical kingdom of Majin in the original standalone Majin and the Forsaken Kingdom Facebook game.

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Lucreto3287d ago

I am interested in this since the creators of Folklore are behind it. 30 hours of play time also interests me.

Convas3287d ago

GOT DAYUUUUUM!! 30 Hours?!?!?! Wholly cow.

patapon3287d ago

Has a Team Ico vibe to it me thinks. Naturally, that means it's an insta-buy.

ironfist923287d ago

In competition with Last Guardian imo, but we all know TLG will be better.

Dipso3283d ago

With a year between the release dates?! Hardly in competition outside your mind.