"I Always Skip the Cutscenes": Videogames and Writing

BeefJack: "When Gollum himself – actor Andy Serkis – recently wondered why developers don’t take a more all-inclusive approach to melding story and play – the internet comments were depressingly familiar. “If I wanted a story, I’d read a book.” “I always skip the cutscenes anyway.” Writing in videogames, eh? How does it work? Or not work, rather? And why is it people are so ready to bitch about it yet they still grudgingly accept the status quo? What’s to be done?"

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riksweeney3292d ago

"Go on, I dare you to make your own coherent and enjoyable story... out of Lego"


FarEastOrient3292d ago

If this guy is skipping cut scenes than he shouldn't be reviewing games since that is part of the package. How can I take his reviews serious if this guy just picks want he wants instead of taking a game for all its worth.

CimmerianDrake3292d ago

This guy wasn't talking about himself when he said "I always skip the cutscenes". He was speaking in a general sense.

Other than that I agree with you.

riksweeney3292d ago

(Player Red Dead Redemption)

Player: Not another crappy cutscene

*Pauses and clicks skips*

Player: Huh? Why am I playing as someone else now?

(Disclaimer: I don't even know if you can skip RDR cutscenes since I watched them all)

Lucreto3292d ago

Yes you can skip them I did as I have to reload after I caught a bounty on a train track and I went to pick him up and a train appeared.

I wonder how the zombie dlc will work after the ending.

RememberThe3573292d ago

I don't care what game it is, if I'm taking the time to play it I'm going to watch the cut scenes.

AceofStaves3292d ago

Story is a huge part of gaming for me, so I never skip the cutscenes the first time through. I like to get what I pay for.

Coolmanrico3292d ago

Agree with this statement.

wat6343292d ago

Usually when I skip a cut scene, I either get confused when I end up playing a different character or in a new place.

I never skip a cut scene, even if its obvious on whats going to happen.

Natsu X FairyTail3292d ago

depending on the games I skip cutscenes or watch them.

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The story is too old to be commented.