Black Ops may be "biggest game ever"

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 is the UK's best selling game ever, but retailer HMV has reason to believe new instalment Call of Duty: Black Ops will beat it.

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Wizziokid3290d ago

Is this going to be the headline for every COD title from now?

COD 7 may be "biggest game ever
COD 8 may be "biggest game ever
COD 9 may be "biggest game ever
COD 10may be "biggest game ever

TheLastGuardian3290d ago (Edited 3290d ago )


It may be the fastest selling game but saying it may be the biggest game ever is just crazy.

cmrbe3290d ago

COD nowdays is really for dumb kids.

JeffGUNZ3289d ago

So you have played black ops? Please, tell me how it was!!


Pandemic3290d ago

Would be good to see a new title getting such hype... COD is getting repetitive...