Gran Turismo 5 Monza and Toscana Gameplay

Have you ever wonder how it is to drive in monza or toscana, well now at least you can try to experiment it through Gran Turismo 5, even though it has been delayed you can always be marveled by the level of detail that the game has. Here you can see the transition from day to night in Toscana while playing with a Citroen WRC or a SKYLINE and the complicated track of Monza with a Volvo, at the same time you can be amazed by the level of details in the Ferrari 458.

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SMW3289d ago

That there be salt in these here wounds...

SasanovaS19873289d ago

yo how about this...since they delayed it...they give us a 2 car demo, and 1 track...of their choice, made through the track be satisfied till release, and you wont hear a peep from me...bubble up if your with me

arnoldocastillo20033289d ago

I feel the same way you do, i dont even mind what they give me only give me GT5

hennessey863289d ago

or has toscana got the worlds fastest sunset

arnoldocastillo20033289d ago

It has, is like 3 minutes and its already nightfall