Top 5 funny videos of Kinect

To pass the time after a long day of work, here are some videos to entertain and distract people of their stress, here is a top 5 funny videos Kinect.

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arnoldocastillo20033296d ago

I know, they needed to be posted jajaja

ImpartialMan3296d ago (Edited 3296d ago )

LoL at the first video. the car does not even react when the guy flips out. so much for accuracy.

this is a kinect dance video.
its funny espcially because Kinect does not even recognize this guys move and says this guy is "Hella Good"

ironfist923296d ago

Words cannot describe the emotions i feel towards this, so I will compensate it with this:

-GoldenTimeLover-3296d ago

LMFAO @ Sakura Haruno mixed in the Street Fighter crowd. :D

arnoldocastillo20033296d ago

LOL its true didn´t see her jajajaja my god these videos

quarkist3296d ago

Sony started this with eyetoy, and then microsoft make it much better, now it needs just a perfection and maybe Pseye2 will make it just perfect -> that's my prediction :)

btk3296d ago

Joyride takes the title in my opinion. It really looks like no fun at all.
They should add the epic flail video to the list.

Crapple3296d ago

I'm interested in Kinect and even I think Joy Ride looks crappy most of the time. It might have made a semi-decent mini-game or a Live Arcade title, but I think you'd have to be mad to pay $50 for it.