Kojima teases "A Hideo Kojima Game"

PSB : A recent tweet by the legendary developer and the creator of series like Metal Gear and Snatcher revealed that work has begun regarding the developer's next personal project with core team members holding a meeting to discuss the future direction of the project. Here's what the tweet read -

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despair3292d ago

one can hope but who knows.

cyborg3292d ago

it's the taboo project that he always keep talking about?

Redrum0593292d ago

But hideo has a very creative and beautiful imagination for directing and making games. So if he's lead designer, then the game is bound to be good.


Red_Orange_Juice3292d ago

Kojima knows a lot of people really care, so he acts like his smallest step is worth mentioning

ironfist923292d ago (Edited 3292d ago )

Awesome! Ive always wanted to play as Hideo Kojima!

visualb3292d ago

me too! He'd have a hell of an awesome skill tree

visualb3292d ago

very excited! Lets hope its something new! =D

Strangely enough my fav "skill" of his is his sketches, he's got an uncanny talent of visual expression

Bolts3292d ago

And not something derivative like Solid Snake Puzzle Fighter for the iPad.

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The story is too old to be commented.