Gran Turismo 5 almost seems like it won't make it to the finish line...

So, once again, the much-hyped Playstation 3 exclusive driving game, "Gran Turismo 5" has been delayed. Even with all the news spreading like wildfire, this has really become not only confusing, but also somewhat hilarious to the gaming community. Many members of the Playstation network are either flaming the forums or "laughing out loud" on them due to the strange behavior from Team Yamauchi.

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units3296d ago

Many members of the Playstation network are either flaming the forums or "laughing out loud" on them due to the strange behavior from Team Yamauchi.

ImpartialMan3296d ago

just laugh at this guy's face

Jamie Foxx3296d ago (Edited 3296d ago )

Because its playstation lets try to get hits,sheesus how much more can be said about a game delay

these ridiculous sites need to go watch real news like the miners who have just been freed after sixty something days. Now thats important and worthwile

Ilikegames763296d ago

game and it's expected to generate a lot of reactions. Anyway, any news whether good or bad is still news. It's also expected that GT game will be delayed, since it's like the norm or tradition in the game. What's a few weeks of delay if we get an awesome game in return?

LoVeRSaMa3296d ago

A drumb kit rolling down the stairs..

Ba-Dum-Dum-Ti.. Dum-Dum-Dum-Dum-Kasplat.

karl3296d ago

this is getting hilarious... people.. its just a game.. go walk your dog dammit..

it will be out this year... just wait and be a good boy

HolyOrangeCows3296d ago

These articles are getting lamer and lamer.
It's probably going to be a mere week later than scheduled.

3296d ago
danielle0073296d ago

Because there has been so much hype, and it's a Gran Turismo game, and it's already taken forever to come out, and then people were like WOOO release date! Only two weeks left!

And now, they get slapped in the face with another delay? Sure, there are Sony fans who will just be fine with it, and cheerful like you boys, but there are going to be a whole mess of people that are annoyed..

And rightly so? Idk. I'm a Valve fangirl, I'm used to waiting, and delays, and then them saying 5 MINUTES! and then it takes another entire day.. But, when their games actually finally get released, they've been entirely worth the wait, and you forget how upset and heartbroken you were when each delay was announced. Best of luck that this is the case with GT5, my friends. :)

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tinybigman3296d ago

blah, blah, blah stop crying the game will release this year.

shoddy3296d ago

quit whining like a baby and grow up.

kasasensei3296d ago

during this fiscal exercise to be precise.

bustamove3296d ago

Agreed but we're going to keep seeing them. People are just desperate for hits. The minute there's some delay with a PS3 game, the media makes it a HUGE BIG DEAL. Yet when other games were delayed, they get a free pass.

PS3 bias is still strong these days.

40cal3296d ago

The delay sucks,but I just wanted to point out that this is the first time the game has been delayed. There has only been one other date change and it happened in Japan a few weeks ago.

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RedDead3296d ago

I honestly don't care if it's only another month, as usual i'm waiting years for the games I really want, GT5 and FF Versus 13. I don't care for another month, I know alot of people do care but just put up with it, Rent a game or 2 for the wait since there's a few good games coming out over the next few weeks. Just remember the wait is worth it.

milohighclub3296d ago

you do a game or 2 a month?? shit i must have a problem!!! i do 2 in a week!!! sometimes 3!!

RedDead3296d ago

Game or 5 then haha. Get a long game like...Gta San andreas or Vice city. A old ff maybe

GoldPS33296d ago

Hate to say it and I know I will get disagrees but I don't see GT5 selling over 10m now. The delays and the popularity in FPS will hurt it. I believe it'll sell from 5m-7m life time which is still good. I know I will get disagrees but I'm just being realistic here guys. I don't know. Maybe I'm just upset about the delay. I really feel it's not coming out this year. :(

danielle0073296d ago

But one thing that's really weird is that none of the GameStops around here are having midnight releases for it. Like, one. And I'm Long Island based now, there's at least 8 within 15 minutes of me.

I love midnight releases. It kinda bums me out. I just expected there to be one for GT5..

Imacrackwhore3296d ago

Bullshit, GT5 is like judgment day, it may not come tomorrow, but it will come one day, and it will be friggen EPIC!

Bolts3296d ago

Too bad I can't preorder judgment day. I would like to know when it's coming so I can take a day off.

visualb3296d ago

and its examiner = blog_sh!t

seriously people, no matter how many articles you write, the games coming out this year.

the only reason for these articles are for hits =| they don't say anything new what so ever...

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