Fallout: New Vegas Trophies Revealed

PS3T has revealed the trophy list for the upcoming Obsidian Entertainment RPG title, Fallout New Vegas.

The game has 51 trophies: 36 bronze, 13 silver, 1 gold, 1 platinum.

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Nitrowolf23755d ago (Edited 3755d ago )

"Play the game from start to finish in hardcore mode"

A challenge
i hope there isn't a mission like Nuka Cola bottle collection, only mission i could not finish on fallout 3

sunnygrg3755d ago

What Fallout 3 was missing. This is gonna be challenging :)

dc13755d ago

Looking forward to Hardcore mode! ... ge.get..Getty up!
(..ummm after my first play through on regular of course.. I’m not crazy enough to enter the wasteland without a proper heads up..)

RankFTW3755d ago

I'm well going to jump in on hardcore, love a good challenge.

dragon823755d ago

You can play on "Hardcore Mode" on any difficulty level. Hardcore mode basiically just makes it more realistic. Sure it will end up being a little harder but the enemies will still be based on whatever difficulty you choose.

dc13754d ago

I'm with you.
Eating, sleeping and 'watching your neck'..
I guess you can’t get any more immersive. Hardcore it is!

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BubbleSystemSuck3755d ago

Here we go!

Accesible platinum...
Already Platinum on Fallout 3...
one of my Top 5 games this Gen

dragon823755d ago

I agree with everything you said.

Megaton3755d ago

The Nuka Cola Quantum quest was easy. I always had at least 25 by the time I even arrived at Girdershade. There are something like 90 Quantums in the game, plus the perk that basically gives you an endless supply.

Philoctetes3755d ago

"i hope there isn't a mission like Nuka Cola bottle collection, only mission i could not finish on fallout 3"

Globe Trotter: Discover all snow globes

Not sure about the particulars, obviously, but this could conceivably be way harder than the Nuka Cola challenge.

I'm also not overwhelmingly happy with the melee and unarmed combat requirements, since that's not my play style, but it should just take some grinding from an old save to accomplish.

Nitrowolf23755d ago

i didn't look at the list this sounds like the bobble head trophy, which wouldn't be hard if you remember to get the ones that before an area locks you out for good.

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Gazman3755d ago

So glad it is only get to level ** and not be evil level ** and good level ** and neutral level ** trophies

DeathGazer3755d ago

Looks very Platinum-friendly :)

Just hope hardcore-mode isn't sadistically challenging.

mushroomwig3755d ago

Play Fallout 3 on hardcore (or whatever the hardest mode is called) and you'll see how much of a challenge it is.

It's going to be interesting, that's for sure. :]

Philoctetes3755d ago

I don't think "hardcore" is the same as "hard." The only difference between hardcore and regular is that you have to sleep, eat, and d rink, ammo has weight, stimpacks heal over time instead of instantly, and stuff like that. If I understand it right, you can simultaneously play in Hardcore mode but be on Easy difficulty.

dragon823755d ago

That is exactly what Obsidion have said. You CAN play Hardcore on Easy difficulty.

Wii360BeatsPS33755d ago

Why would you buy this on PS3?, Fallout 3 on PS3 was the worst version. I should know I own the game on PS3.

Enate3755d ago

An did I and I thoroughly enjoyed it as did many others on my friends list. We all had little to no problem with the game and all ended up with a Platinum at the end of it all. Though at a much later date after all the dlc was released I had built a computer cable of playing the game. An only because the mods had become extensive and a number of them stable did I even bother. An I will do the same with this New Vegas.

mushroomwig3755d ago

Good job this isn't Fallout 3 then.

I'm buying it on my PS3 because it's my console of choice, is that alright with you?

dc13755d ago (Edited 3755d ago )

Sure Wii360BearsPS3...I'll Answer your question.
The original release was buggy across the board. Although the PS3 version was not as supported initally it was indeed playable(completeable if you will) and loved by many.

But lastly,..
Trophy collections can not be understated here.
I got the platinum on the previous release.. its only fitting that I follow suit for NV.
I'm sure the game presentation, story and support will be more than adequate for New Vegas.

Hope this helps.

TwistedMetal3755d ago

I want the platinum to be kind of difficult.

dc13755d ago

Satisfaction from a tough (but fair) Platinum Trophy is the best!

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