Kazunori Yamauchi Briefly Explains Gran Turismo 5's Delay

andriasang: "Sony didn't give much of an explanation when it announced Gran Turismo 5's delay yesterday. For something a bit more solid (just a bit), we turn to series producer Kazunori Yamauchi himself."

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FrigidDARKNESS3288d ago

s still blowing smoke up folks ass. The game has been finished months ago.

GreenRingOfLife3288d ago

did you see all the GT5 bug videos?

thats not what I call a finished product....

ArcFatalix3288d ago

stop trolling. its a 60 million dollar game which PS3 exclusive had bugs? even forza 3 had bugs, cant do much with a racing game.

ImpartialMan3288d ago (Edited 3288d ago )

Forza 3....

Fred-G-Sanford3288d ago

I'm starting to suspect that this game isn't even in development, and that it's just being used to lure people into buying a PS3. lol

20 years from now PS3 fanboys will still be defending its delay on the PS7.

evrfighter3288d ago

hasn't it gone gold?


DORMIN3288d ago

I wonder what they are fine tuning. They should just come out and say what they are polishing, this air of mystery is really not pleasing for the fans.

Off Topic: Pretty funny seeing some 360 fanboys finally come out of their cave after that Mass Effect 2 announcement and Gears 3 delay.

squallheart3288d ago

Yes i find it funny as well at all these 360 posters. Honestly let him finish the game and not give us a bug fest. I am more than willing to wait as it will lessen the strain on my wallet. Its better to have a complete game than a rush piece of garbage (activision)

LoVeRSaMa3288d ago

Imagine the sales around Christmas?

I think that's mainly why they have done it, I can't blame them tbh..


I think its gold, perhaps even platinum before it releases (that would be awesome)

zeeshan3288d ago

Very disappointed but then again, they are there to make money especially considering they have spent almost $60 million on this title and if releasing it close to Christmas means more sales then why not.

3288d ago
Dee_913288d ago (Edited 3288d ago )

you couldnt figure this out 2 months ago ?
why would you delay a game a few days before release ? its just stupid
if it happened in august i wouldnt even b this pissed
but nothing i can do but wait

and lol at the Trolls dnt have anything else to do . i understand your life is that boring you find joy in writing dumb stuff on the internet
what ever makes you happy i guess .. so keep trolling :)

@buying1999 i said plenty bad things about ps3 .. got all my bubbles o wait .. a quick glance at your comments all of its anti ps3 ..that may be the difference

Hideo_Kojima3288d ago

GT5+GT5p cost around $60 to create TOGETHER!

However GT5p has already made more than $60 so basically they are already making a profit.

hiredhelp3288d ago

your picture reminds me of a kid in school eating junk.back of the class. only you talk like sh*t too. look at your disagrees you sad sad boy!! go play with your 360 till kinnectamials comes out.

No Way3288d ago

I would sure hope so..
Look at the development cycles.
GT5 been in development longer than Forza 3.

Spydiggity3288d ago

this game was supposed to be out in what? less than 3 weeks? for them to suddenly delay the game probably means they found something major that NEEDED to be fixed before launch.

he sounds calm in his tweet, but it's his job to make it sounds as pleasant/harmless as possible. i wouldn't be surprised if something big came up. either way, who's just a small delay.

Spydiggity3288d ago (Edited 3288d ago )

double post, my apologies.

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headwing453288d ago

I'd rather they take an extra month fixing whatever problems are still in the game then PD releasing something broken. Honestly, everyone complains about what a bad choice this was, but I mean common, wouldn't it be worse if the game was released and turned out to be unplayable. A month is a very short price to pay for perfection.

moparful993288d ago

I have this really funny feeling that sony is going to release gt5 the tuesday before black friday.. Why you ask, well for starters its(black friday) the busiest shopping day of the year. Secondly I'm sure they are planning some ps3/hdtv bundles for cheap and what better game to christen a shiny new ps3 then gt5...

acedoh3288d ago

Black Friday is not the busiest of the year. It actually ranks third or forth behind the 23rd and 24th... But of course a late November release would be nice. Hopefully we will have something firm in place in the next week. This is obviously not a marketing decision because if that were the case they would have a new release date. This is a last second fix and I totally agree with the decision no matter how much it makes me upset. I would rather see a great game from the time I get it and play it instead of a game that has a problem that needs to be patched. All of us are aware of at least a few games that had problems that really ruined the game until it was patched.

BryanBegins3288d ago (Edited 3288d ago )

I know Japanese developers are struggling this gen, but this is getting ridiculous. Polyphony needs to realize that they can always release some patches. I'm sure the game is good enough to be released after taking so long. Sony needs to be more strict with these guys. Right now, all the good games are made by first party studios in Europe or the States.

zeeshan3288d ago

If they go with that route i.e release the game and then patch it later on then there will be gazillions of fanboy crying and laughing out there. The amount of expectation with this game is simply massive and it must be extremely difficult to make such a huge game without glitches so I guess they are making sure they make more sales and release a quality product with minimum glitches.

blahblah3288d ago

there are no patches on review scores. imagine they put game of gt5 caliber out with bugs like you said and patched it later. everyone rushes to review game when it comes out and receives worse score simply for not waiting few days. not to mention how this would impact what people speak about their products. gt5 simply can't afford mistakes like that if it wants to keep the crown.

the only ones that wanna rush gt5 are xbox fanboys. i don't see one ps3 player who wouldn't trade few days more for perfection.

Spydiggity3288d ago

there are probably people out there that will get a ps3 just for this game. they may not even have any intention of hooking their ps3 up to the internet. i bet a considerable percentage of ps3 and 360 owners have never updated their system after purchase.

hennessey863288d ago

doesnt expect it to be delayed till 2011, mmmm sounds ominus to me he doesnt seem to confident. I hope im wrong.

bailoutbenny3288d ago (Edited 3288d ago )

Kazunori Yamauchi: I want to release it as fast as I can, but GT5 for us, when you talk about its status, it's at a point we can release it any time we want, but we can always keep working on it.

This was quoted in June 2009

Seems like there is feature creep or the game wasn't anywhere close to finished when he made this statement. If it is feature creep, then expect the game to see more delays. This is something many developers struggle with and can only be stopped by the developer making a hard choice of what to include and what to leave out.

TROLL EATER3288d ago (Edited 3288d ago )

"we want to avoid black ops"

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units3288d ago

obvious reason for the delay was to avoid call of duty clash

tacosRcool3288d ago

two different game genres dude. They won't compete against each other and plus the better of the 2 is GT5 anyways

kaveti66163288d ago

wasn't heavy rain delayed because of cod? just because they are in different genres doesn't mean they don't compete.

ReservoirDog3163288d ago

I don't really agree that they don't compete with each other. Different genres yeah but most people can afford maybe one game a month. And the fanbase for CoD and GT are both high. There has to be some overlap between the two.

You like CoD and GT right? Given the choice, some would choose CoD, some GT. Delaying a week or two will fill those wallets back up with money and if you can buy both then both parties win.

So it's not impossible that that's the reason. And it's called being smart.

yewles13288d ago

"wasn't heavy rain delayed because of cod?"

Proof that sanity has left "certain" people EONS ago.

GarandShooter3288d ago

'You like CoD and GT right? Given the choice, some would choose CoD, some GT. Delaying a week or two will fill those wallets back up with money and if you can buy both then both parties win.'

Couldn't you just go back a week or two later with your full wallet and buy whichever you didn't choose the first time, even if they both released the same day? Doesn't everyone involved make money on sales that don't occur in the first day/first week/first month just the same?

Delaying in the same genre makes sense because people may choose one and never come back for the other after release hype is dead, and those delays are usually for a longer time frame.

No Way3288d ago (Edited 3288d ago )

You're kidding right? They do compete, regardless of different genres.
If I go to the store, with $60, to buy a game. I see GT5 and COD.
I only got the money to buy one game. Hmm, do they still not compete?

I would beg to differ, and say that they do in fact compete.
And, GT5 'may' be the better game. But, a lot factors into that.

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LordMarius3288d ago

"some time to finalize some of the game's more complicated systems. "

maybe its the PS3 firmware that caused a bug.

RememberThe3573288d ago

See what I did there? Both our statement are off the wall.

squallheart3288d ago

lol u made me laugh bubbles

---stone---3288d ago

nah, wasnt a fairy, It was that devious, underhanded greenwalt gremlin messing GT5's code up some.... the bastard couldnt resist xD

bailoutbenny3288d ago

I don't see how LordMarius's comment is off the wall. Firmware has broken functionality in the past and could cause issues in the future. Developers get firmware drops before end users do so they can test it with their software and prepare patches as needed. This is the same for any dev house in any field.

condorstrike3288d ago

nope, obvious reason for the delay is: to stick F/W 3.50 in there to try and stop pirating, come on guys.....
this is Sony's big title and they are the reason for this delay, it just gas become a joke, name change to Gran Delay 5, people are getting fed up SONY!!!

RememberThe3573288d ago

MOH was release requiring 3.50 there is no reason a game releasing a month after it would have to be delayed simply to require it.

Why does it seem so hard to accept the explanation that was given?

blasian3288d ago

As long as I can have it in my PS3 before winter break Ill have no problems.