Late night imports: Rasetsu

Pat Floyd writes: "PC Engine fans know about Kogado Software -- back in the 90s, they created the respected Kisou Louga as well as the less-respected La Valeur. They've continued making games, and Nippon Ichi even ported a few to PS2... although they somehow manage to never get released in the West. One of Kogado's more ambitious titles was 2001's Rasetsu, a far-future cyberpunk adventure most reminiscent of the classic Syndicate. Featuring real-time tactical action and an emphasis on challenging maps instead of storytelling, this game proved that someone in Japan had studied the best Western developers. Rasetsu also featured an eerie soundtrack and gorgeous character artwork from Ryuichirou Kutsuzawa (illustrator for Dr. Dre's Back 'n the Day CD)."

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