DualShockers All-Star Game Night 10/19/10

DS writes, "Think you have what it takes to take on some of the gaming industry’s best? We here at DualShockers introduce the first All-Star Game Night. Here is your chance to take on gamers that influence this very business each and every day. Take on the industry’s pros, developers, and journalists in popular games we know you all play every night. On Tuesday, October 19th we will be playing none other than Halo: Reach from 10pm EST until midnight.

Below are the participants for the first All-Star Game Night and their gamertags in big bold letters. Send a message to any one of them or leave your gamertag below. After doing so, when the night of Tuesday the 19th arrives, be ready from 10pm – midnight for invite to get in some good solid gaming. We look forward to kicking your butts."

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Hitman07693288d ago

This will be seriously epic!

dkblackhawk503288d ago

I wish I lived in the Big damn it is so unfair :( *its bloody cold here in Canada*

BetaChris3288d ago

Sounds like a great time with an awesome bunch of gamers!

Ninferno3288d ago

this is gonna be the greatest night in xbox live history

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