Evil Avatar: Civilization 5 Review

Evil Avatar writes: "Did you know that there’s an official acronym for measuring how fast players in RTS games can perform actions? Seriously! APM, or “Actions Per Minute” it’s called. For professional Starcraft players (like the ones in this video), their APM typically has to be over 300 to be competitive, and the highest level players generally average over 400, sometimes peaking above 500 APM. That kind of speed just blows my mind; those guys must go through keyboards like pwnophobia goes through toe bandages. Needless to say, that’s ridiculously faster than my feeble, aging brain and hands are able to operate. And that’s also why I’m glad there’s Civilization 5--the penultimate game where experience, wisdom, and the ability to execute a carefully thought out strategy trump twitchy finger speed and pixel-precision dexterity."

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