EA: Medal of Honor Sales Are 'Great'

IGN writes: "Responding to lackluster review scores and a six percent company stock drop, Electronic Arts announced Medal of Honor is "off to a great commercial start" since its launch yesterday.

EA said first day sales of the game were 'great' and that Medal of Honor is 'well in position for an outstanding holiday.'"

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kingjoker343287d ago

ehh...some of the people are cool at ign, i like greg miller..hes kinda funny, but yeah they are biased alot

Hydrolex3287d ago

Worst game of the year, the most overhyped crap ever ! 4 5 multiplaye maps, 5 hours single player campaign, way to milk EA, fak yo

despair3287d ago


lol where were you for MW2 release, same campaign length, but yea I agree played only a few minutes but the AI sucks bad and not being able to at least control where you look in scripted events suck.

ImpartialMan3287d ago

i wouldnt say "owned"

but they are closer to MS than they are to Sony.

I mean just look at their website. some of their pages are "sponsored" by MS.

Also, they own the website TeamXbox.

jjohan353286d ago

The only reason why Medal of Honor sales are 'great' is because they had a huge 50% off sale during PAX a few months ago and everyone jumped online and ordered MoH.

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lastdual3287d ago (Edited 3287d ago )

Good job with the off-topic flame baiting. N4G totally needs more of that.

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tacosRcool3287d ago

And MS pays reviewers at IGN since those people there write the most biased reviews I have ever read. I don't ever trust reviews there. My trusted reviews come from

DORMIN3287d ago

"Microsoft owns IGN."

Your confusing IGN with Gametrailers.

Do some simple googling.

movements3287d ago (Edited 3287d ago )

@ ImpatialMan: No no NO, Microsoft literally OWNS IGN and GameTrailers who are a part of the MTV Networks which Microsoft bought.

So when you see games like Black Ops getting hight scores and EA's MOH getting extremely low, unjustifiable ones from the aforementioned sites, don't think it's coincidence.

EA and Sony are closed, Activision and Microsoft are close:

Do the math.

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Cyrus3653287d ago

I wonder what it "sales" be "great"

crzyjackbauer3287d ago

maybe right now sales are good
but in about a week or so
gamestop is going to have a lot of second hand copies

Graphics3287d ago

another company who doesn't care about quality but just quantity.

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Letros3287d ago

Hey EA, Borderlands sold well, when can we expect a clone?

ArchangelMike3287d ago

First it was Dante's Inferno ripping off God of War, and now Medal of Honour ripping off Modern Warfare. I guess not too many bright ideas left at EA?!

Shackdaddy8363287d ago

Well, Thats good. Bigger chance for a sequel and bigger improvements to the game.

I hate how so many people listen to IGN like they are the top reviewers. Their reviews suck...

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The story is too old to be commented.